Dan Vessely

Iowa Bankers Mortgage Corp

Felicia Junge

University of Iowa Community Credit Union

Joe Micallef

President - Strategic Adviser & Sales Coach at Grow UP Sales

Joe is an Award Winning, International Sales Strategist and Coach with over 25 years business and sales leadership experience. He has been recognized throughout his career for his strategic, charismatic and collaborative approach to achieving exceptional results. Joe has held senior management positions in Australia, ...
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Omar Jordan

Founder / CEO at LenderClose

fintech entrepreneur. with over a decade of experience in real estate investing, mortgage origination and consumer lending. founded multiple successful startups.

Pat Sherlock

QFS Sales Solutions at President

Pat Sherlock is President of QFS Sales Solutions. Pat is a veteran of mortgage banking and a former head of sales and secondary marketing. QFS focuses on helping mortgage banking sales organizations hire the right sales candidates including rookies by its proprietary platform of mortgage ...
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Paul Long

Motivational Speaker and CEO at Fundamism

Paul J Long has challenged the traditional corporate landscape in sales and service beginning in 2004. He has leveraged this experience and his ability to connect with others for the last decade to engage audiences around the globe. With his fun-loving attitude, infectious spirit and ...
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Ronette Schlatter


Ronette Schlatter, CRCM, is a senior compliance coordinator with the Iowa Bankers Association. Her primary responsibilities at the IBA include the coordination, writing and editing of IBA’s monthly compliance magazine, THE DISCLOSURE; providing onsite training and compliance consulting for member banks; researching and evaluating new ...
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