Paul Boyce

PhD Student at University Of Saskatchewan

Originally from New Zealand, my background is in predictive population modelling of species in response to changing landscapes. I moved to Canada 3 years ago and I'm entering the final years of a PhD program through the University of Saskatchewan. My project focuses on the population of free-ranging horses in the Albertan foothills. My research is using spatial ecology methods such as GPS collars, and novel techniques for capture-recapture analyses using a large network of trail cameras. My research will help determine seasonal resource use of horses, and establish population demographics such as, survival, reproduction and density.

Lori Eggert

Professor at University of Missouri

Tolani Francisco

Wild Horse& Burro Coordinator at USDA Forest Service

Patricia Hatle

Supervisory Range Management Specialist at Bureau of Land Management

Mary Helen

Dan Inject Dart Guns

Harm HogenEsch

Purdue University

TJ Holmes

volunteer at Spring Creek Basin Herd Management Area

Since 2002, I've been visiting the mustangs of Spring Creek Basin, in Southwest Colorado. Since 2007, I've been documenting those mustangs, and since 2011, I've been darting mares with native PZP. My training was in August 2010, and I was fortunate to know and have been trained directly by Dr. Jay Kirkpatrick. I'm on the advisory board of the Colorado chapter of the National Mustang Association, which was formed in the late 1990s specifically to advocate for the Spring Creek Basin herd. Currently, the group has rescued wild horses that have gotten off the Ute Mountain Ute Reservation, and is working with Mesa Verde National Park officials to ensure safe treatment of the wild horses within the park that are to be removed. I'm also a founding member of coalition group Disappointment Wild Bunch Partners, formed in 2008 to bring more voices to the table to advocate for the well-being of Spring Creek Basin's mustangs. Other members are representatives of NMA/CO, Four Corners Back Country Horsemen and Mesa Verde Back Country Horsemen. We have worked with a variety of BLM employees, and for the last three years, our BLM partner has been herd manager Mike Jensen, rangeland management specialist at Tres Rios Field Office in Dolores. His commitment to the Spring Creek Basin herd has resulted in achievements such as our bait-trapping EA, signed last year. It's a proactive document that makes bait trapping the priority method or future gathers (when needed). We've done projects such as vegetation monitoring and fence repair/maintenance/building, and we built a second water catchment. I'm a recovering journalist. Since January 2012, I've worked for the Serengeti Foundation on its first mustang sanctuary, in Disappointment Valley. In 2017, Serengeti created a second mustang sanctuary in southeastern Colorado. Disappointment Valley Mustang Sanctuary is immediately adjacent to Spring Creek Basin Herd Management Area, so I live and work in mustang heaven!

Grace Kahler

Wildlife Field Manager at The Humane Society of the United States

Amy Masching

Center for Conservation Peacebuilding



Ovidiu Roșu, DVM, PhD

Veterinarian - Animal capture and reproduction specialist at ARCA - Four Paws International

Finished veterinary medicine in 2008 at the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Bucharest. In 2009 has received the Romanian Ministerial scholarship to attend the Conservation Medicine Module provided by the Veterinary Medicine University Vienna. In 2010 worked for International Animal Rescue in Indonesia as a clinician in a wildlife rehabilitation center. From 2011 works for Four Paws International in different wildlife/feral animal rescues and population management projects. Starting with 2012 he developed the Birth Control Program for the feral horses of Letea Sandbank - Danube Delta, Romania. In 2018 he received his PhD from the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Bucharest, with thesis ''Reproductive management of the feral equine population of Letea Sandbank – Danube Delta''.