Fostering a culture of passion and productivity in ECP teams
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Wed Jan 16, 2019
Champions VI & VII (Classroom - Max Capacity: 70)

David Moulton (LANL); Elaine Raybourn (SNL)

The session will explore techniques for fostering a culture of passion and productivity in ECP teams. It will be divided into two sections:

* Guided small group exercises addressing cultural challenges (60 minutes) * Panel discussion to recap exercises and address context in ECP projects (30 minutes)

In the first part, the participants will be divided into small groups of 3-5 people, and each will be assigned a panel member as a dedicated facilitator. We anticipate ~5-6 panel members/facilitators from successful ECP teams and projects, and so are targeting 5-6 groups. This approach is motivated by the successful and really fun Collaborative Design Challenge workshop that Moulton coordinated with a Stanford alumnus for the Cyberinfrastructure Working Groups in the Office of Biological and Environmental Research (BER). There will be 4-6 exercises used in this session that draw on both exercises from this previous workshop, as well as exercises contributed by the facilitators. For example, we will start with exercises that set the stage for communication and active listening, and highlight how simple habits can foster brainstorming, collaboration and critical thinking, or destroy it. We will explore ways to ensure equal participation in team meetings, even from shy or naturally quiet team members. Finally, we'll explore the dual view of our software as component and application, and hence, how it is viewed by developers and stakeholders.

After the exercises we'll bring the facilitators will move to the front to form a panel for discussion and wrap up. We'll discuss the exercises, comparing and contrasting between the small groups, and focusing on what people feel they learned and how they could apply it to their current teams or projects. We'll then explore what aspects of the lessons learned would help small teams work more effectively in the interdisciplinary team-of-teams setting

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