The Scope and Role of DevOps in HPC
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Tue Feb 4, 2020
Founders I (Classroom - Max Capacity: 60)



The transition to accelerated architectures includes a highly disruptive change in programming and execution models as we migrate and create software for host-device, CPU-GPU platforms. In this transition, almost every line of code will be refactored in some way. As a result, the quality of the processes and tools we use for development, integration and operations heavily impact our success.

In this session, we discuss the scope and role of DevOps in our efforts to create software capabilities for next-generation platforms. The purpose of the session is to start a conversation between people across the DOE labs, universities and industry partners who have a stake in DevOps efforts. We will begin the session with introductions, then discuss the definition, scope and role of DevOps (which seems to vary across institutions) and end with a set of next steps for those in the community who want to pursue sharing and collaboration in DevOps activities.

Michael Heroux Senior Scientist, Sandia National Laboratory
Manoj Bhardwaj Manager, Sandia National Laboratories
Todd Munson Senior Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory

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