Economic Evaluation of Multisectoral Interventions
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Tue Jun 25, 2019
Ballroom 3


Full Title

Economic evaluation of multisectoral interventions to improve nutrition and health

Session Overview

This session will build participants' understanding of the economic evaluation methods used to measure the costs, cost-effectiveness, and benefit/cost levels of projects and programs, using a novel framework to apply those techniques to multisectoral interventions for nutrition and health. Participants will gain hands-on experience with recent studies from Africa and Asia, and assess how well current economic evaluation approaches capture the full range of costs and benefits of complex nutrition-sensitive and other nutrition-related interventions.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes

1. Summarize the main economic evaluation methods used for measuring costs and benefits of multisectoral and nutrition-sensitive projects, programs or other interventions
2. Recognize the diverse types of interventions whose cost-effectiveness can be measured, and become familiar with a new framework for strengthening economic evaluation of multisectoral activities
3. Describe how the full range benefits and costs involved in multisectoral programs can be counted and compared to each other for each type of economic evaluation
4. Interpret evidence from recent studies measuring the cost-efficiency, cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit levels of important projects in Africa and Asia

Target Audience



Lecture, discussion, group work

Level & Prerequisites

Basic - Some experience with economics and spreadsheet calculations may be useful but is not required

William Masters Director, IMMANA Fellowships, Tufts University
Carol Levin Clinical Associate Professor, University of Washington

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