Quantifying the Environmental Impacts of Electrification: How Behavior-change to Electricity Matters
10:20 AM - 10:35 AM
Wed Aug 28, 2019

Electrification programs are gaining popularity among utility companies for a variety of reasons, including promotion of decarbonization. However, not all electrification measures have a net beneficial impact on the environment  despite the fact that electric equipment typically has a higher efficiency than its fossil fuel counterpart.  One determining factor is the power generation fuel mix. To understand the environmental impact of the electrification program, this study developed a CO2 emissions calculator that leverages different aspects of the power generation, electrification measure characteristics and program level measure mix to evaluate the source impact at the measure and the program level.  The output of the emissions calculator includes the measure and program level CO2 emission reduction and other economic metrics.

Read HJ Wang's interview about Ensuring Electrification Leads to Decarbonization

HJ Wang Senior Engineer, DNV GL

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