QoS policies to improve performance in Academic Campus and SDN Networks
4:00 PM - 4:20 PM
Thu Nov 15, 2018


Given the evolution of technology and the growing demand for resources from users of campus networks that affect network performance, a solution based on SDN is proposed; a technology that differs from the paradigm of traditional networks that centers the administration of the network in a controller. With this new approach, the traffic in campus networks, its behavior, and the main treatment of QoS policies in conventional networks is studied; besides a model to define QoS policies in SDN and conventional networks is designed. Performance is evaluated in three physical scenarios based on latency, jitter and bandwidth, taking an important step to introduce SDN networks in real environment. The D-TIG traffic generator is used for testing. The T-Student statistical method is applied for the analysis of the data.

Ruth Barba Teacher Technician, Escuela Superior Polit├ęcnico de Chimborazo

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