4.1.3 Critical Evaluation of Cultural Identity in Curriculum: A Collaborative Critical Action Research
3:30 PM - 5:15 PM
Fri Feb 12, 2021
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You will learn how Hālau Kū Māna Public Charter School, a Hawaiian-focused public charter school in urban Honolulu, utilizes various conceptual frameworks of education like critical pedagogy, place-based and project based education to build indigenous identity and practice indigenous education as a form of resistance and sovereignty. We will components of how our place-based program collaborates with and utilizes kūpuna (elders) and local community organizations, understand the process of co-teaching and curriculum planning to provide you with an educational framework to help you plan your place-based curriculums that are unique to the places that you live and teach.

Phillippe Rivera Fernandez-Breenan Curriculum Studies, UH Mānoa
Kristi Desuacido Science, Math, Place-Based Project, Hālau Kū Māna


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