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Using Augmented Reality to Teach Medicine
10:00 AM - 10:05 AM
Sun Sep 17, 2017
LK 308


Medical education like other educational areas is in dire need of modernization. Many startups are figuring out the best new way to present medical concepts. At drbeen, we believe that the return on medical education is the ease of recall and application of remembered knowledge. Augmented reality is an important new area that when used correctly, can provide tremendous value for medical education.

The healthcare marketplace is at a point where emerging technologies and medical education are intersecting at a rapid pace. Augmented Reality (AR), superimposed upon high level educational content, will help solve an accessibility problem for millions of medical students worldwide.

A new paradigm of education that addresses the immediate needs of international students is sorely needed. An AR system that addresses those needs, allowing them to "touch" the science and learn in real-time via online videos, is the experience we seek to fulfill.

The evolution of medical education is a fluid, continuous process. AR based content is the perfect tool to help build "memory palaces" in a health care practitioners/student's mind. Ultimately, this will help them commit, recall, and apply knowledge with improved efficiency and accuracy.

Ahmed Zaafran
Stanford University

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