Thursday, November 12
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


  • Eric Sevareid (Speaker) Research Assistant, Bowling Green State University/MAST
  • Karen B. Guzzo (Speaker) Bowling Green State University


Poster Session 3: Interpersonal Relationships and Relationship Quality

Presenters: Eric Sevareid, Paul Hemez, Karen Guzzo, Susan Brown, Krista Brown

Although there is growing interest in the quality of adolescents and young adults' (AYA) romantic relationships, the way relationship quality is defined, conceptualized, and measured is not consistent throughout the research literature, making it difficult to draw general conclusions on the correlates and implications of AYA's relationship quality. The purpose of this proposal is to present an overview of the measurement trends and findings regarding relationship quality among AYA. We conducted a comprehensive review of journal articles, book chapters, and reports published over the past decade. Preliminary findings suggest a wide range of measures but a consistent emphasis on instability and conflict. We conclude with an overview of the implications with a focus towards comprehensive measurement construction and policy directives addressing instability among AYA.

-- To determine how relationship quality is defined and operationalized in published research studies for adolescents and young adults.
-- To identify appropriate sources of data for studying relationship quality among adolescent and young adults.
-- To make recommendations for future research on adolescent and youth relationship quality

Subject Codes: relationship quality, interpersonal relationships
Population Codes: adolescence, emerging/young adulthood
Method and Approach Codes: systematic literature review, concept/construct development, relationship education


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