From Replication to distribution, integration and transformation; NTI is putting data first!
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Tue Nov 5, 2019
Regency Ballroom B


NTI is taking its DRNet® products deeper into the NonStop community as it kicks off a major initiative to complement traditional deployment models with opportunities to leverage DRNet® as SaaS and to transform the way DRNet® is consumed. DRNet® supports the replication, distribution, integration and transformation of data to meet whatever requirements of data generated on NonStop that enterprises demand today! Capitalizing on Change Data Capture (CDC) methodologies, this gives enterprises the opportunity to leverage DRNet® even when other replication products may be present.

NTI has also announced DRNet® VISION – support for better NonStop integration with AI, BI, data lakes and warehouses- And to this, NTI is pleased to announce DRNet® supports JSON formats to better integrate with data lakes and warehouses including Splunk and many more! Support for JDBC and JSON extends the capabilities of DRNet® beyond anything currently available on NonStop.

Richard Buckle Cofounder and CEO, Pyalla Technologies, LLC on behalf of NTI

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