October 10, 2019
11:15 am - 12:30 pm
Room 304-306, 3rd Floor, Lory Student Center


  • Liza Gross (Moderator) Journalist/Editor
  • Dave Carter (Speaker) National Bison Association
  • Sam Fromartz (Speaker) Editor in Chief, Food & Environment Reporting Network
  • Jessica Shade (Speaker) Director, Science Programs, The Organic Center


Conventional and organic farming are often pitted against each other, with loopholes in livestock regulations hobbling organic dairy farmers and heavy reliance on drift-prone pesticides threatening organic farmers’ certification along with the pollinators that sustain their crops. But conventional farmers and researchers are increasingly embracing sustainable practices. This panel will look at the intersection of organic and conventional agriculture, how practices that have been at the core of organic agriculture (building soil carbon, rotating crops to reduce chemical inputs, grazing for grassland health) can be incorporated into conventional agriculture.

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