October 10, 2019
10:45 am - 12:00 pm
Room 300, 3rd Floor, Lory Student Center


  • James Bruggers (Moderator) News Reporter, InsideClimate News
  • Steve Alexander (Speaker ) The Association of Plastic Recyclers
  • Eugene Chen (Speaker ) John K. Stille Endowed Chair and Millennial Professor of Polymer Science & Sustainability, Department of Chemistry, Colorado State University
  • Judith Enck (Speaker ) Visiting Professor, Bennington College, Founder of Beyond Plastics and former EPA Regional Administrator


With oceans choking in plastic waste and new research finding that humans are ingesting tens of thousands of pieces of micro plastics over their lifetimes, there are new concerns mounting about the role of plastics in climate change. We look at what the latest studies are finding and discuss potential solutions to a problem that industry experts say will get worse before it gets any better.

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