3:30 pm - 3:50 pm
San Juan Bautista



"Traditionally deemed as a sacrament for religious purposes there is an uprising of psychedelic use to meet people’s desire for consciousness transformation. Simultaneously the trend has been to relegate money, sex, and power as taboo topics in mainstream society. Unsustainable economic systems, a dishonouring of our sexual development, and leaking personal power to spiritual leaders/healers disables our progression of awakening. It is essential to discuss these complex issues and create innovative practices to integrate the light and shadow while maximizing the benefits of psychedelic exploration.

This presentation will focus on how seekers can transform taboos into allies. The strategies offered will focus on three areas:

MONEY: how psychedelics can harmonize your perception of worthiness (inner economics) with material resources (outer economics).

SEX: how psychedelics can transform sexual wounds and revitalize one’s creative voice & vision in the world.

POWER: how psychedelics can assist with aligned power to maximize one’s authentic leadership in the world.

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