4:30 pm - 4:50 pm
San Juan Bautista



A growing community of seekers engaged in spiritual practice through meditation, yoga and many other techniques of mind-body exploration, are returning to psychedelics. These molecules are valuable tools to explore brain function and the mystery of consciousness. The visionary tryptamines N,N-DMT, the Spirit Molecule¬Ě and its cousin, 5-MeO-DMT, the God Molecule¬Ě are efficacious probes to explore the spiritual brain and the phenomenology of the spiritual experience. Ubiquitous in Nature, both these molecules are endogenous in our brain and peripheral tissues. Despite extensive research, their physiological roles remain poorly understood and controversial. It has been proposed that DMT is an ancestral neuromodulator in early human evolution, which gave way to structurally close serotonin, as a multifunction signaling molecule in the CNS. Exogenous DMT input to the brain can then re-energize these ancient neurochemical pathways and re-engage the spiritual and mystical mind. More popular theories posit that DMT may play a role in dreams, and that it is released by the pineal gland during peak states of consciousness and spiritual awakening. Ethnographic and Paleoanthropological research is documenting the wide entheogenic use of these tryptamines in the New World for millennia, revered as sacraments to explore doorways to spirituality. My own neurophenomenological EEG studies of the acute effects of inhaled N,N-DMT and 5-MeO-DMT, have documented a reversible hypercoherence in network connectivity reorganization and a robust increase in power of Gamma oscillations (35-50 Hz). This finding is significant as Gamma power increases have been reported with meditation, happiness and compassion states, lucid dreaming and Ayahuasca. Gamma band synchronization is a fundamental process of cortical computations and is involved in many cognitive processes as well as higher states of consciousness.

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