Wednesday, July 19
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Lecture room 2



Coding with Scratch to support the development of "digital family skills", digital inclusion and raise awareness on environmental issues At Orange Spain we have launched the project Supercoders not only to tech boys and girls to code in scratch, but also to develop the "digital family skills". In couples, parents and kits code together to create a videogame, but we also invite them to participate in the discussion about what better Internet might be for them. We also take into account social challenges: we include in our workshops disadvantaged children or with disabilities, or environmental challenges, coding for the planet and inviting participants to bring their old mobiles to recycle. Since 2014, more than 600 families have participated in our workshops being very enthusiastic about the possibilities that technology can bring them in terms of creativity and giving them the possibility to build digital knowledge to share with their children. That is the reason why we have made a partnership with the prestigious "University of Parents" in order to develop activities (based on coding and scratch) on order to reinforce the personal development of children: decision making, communication, ‚… and to enjoy the technology in family.

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