Friday, July 21
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Lecture room 3


  • Nathalie Carrié (Speaker) Teacher In Mathematic and ISN (Computer and Digital Science), Éducation nationale


I am a French mathematics teacher in Reunion Island, and I want to share my story, my experiment and practice of visual programming in class. I will explain my own path from Logo to Snap!, through Scratch.

I want to show how far coding or programming a project can motivate students and increase their interest in  mathematics. In this process, pupils are more engaged and are looking for answers on their own ; they start discovering and apply mathematical notions and principles. I will share with you my thoughts on how coding a game for example, implies implementing many notions in mathematics and computing.

- How large is the scene? What is a pixel, a screen resolution?
- How to choose an adapted Cartesian coordinate systems?
- How create some animations?
- How calculate midpoints and distance?

I will demonstrate two major samples.

I would also like to share and illustrate my experience in class with projects images gallery.

Some Scratch's and Snap!'s projects done in class with my students are here :
- Scratch gallery :
- Snap! gallery :

I began visual programming with Logo language twenty years ago, then with Scratch language eight years ago and now, I work a lot with Snap! because of its ability to create your own blocks.

When algorithms entered in French official mathematics courses, I wrote some reflections on algorithms in second class (age 15) in this article : " Quel langage de programmation pour l'algorithmique en Seconde ? " (Nov 2009). In this paper, I showed - according to Seymour Papert - that Scratch is ideal for implementing in a playful and fast way algorithms in high school.

Here is a Snap! gallery created for my students :
And the last article I wrote to present Snap! and this gallery : Coder des algorithmes avec Snap ! - Programmation visuelle au lycée.

Snap! gallery

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