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Oncternal Therapeutics is a clinical-stage oncology company developing first-in-class, novel therapies for both rare and common cancers. Our pipeline includes two first in class, clinical stage products TK-216 and Cirmtuzumab with common regulatory and development strategies.

By leveraging our strong development and scientific skills and experience, as well as our academic collaborations, we are working to rapidly advance our two clinical-stage pipeline products, cirmtuzumab and TK216. Both cirmtuzumab and TK216 are being developed for a variety of tumor types, including some of the most devastating and underserved forms of cancer.

Oncternal’s human assets include a highly-experienced management team, board of directors and key advisors with proven track records of developing novel therapeutics. The group’s approved products include Adriamycin™, Aromasin®, Blinatumomab®, Camptosar®, DepoCyte®, Ellence®, Imbruvica®, Leukine®, Neupogen®, Sutent®, Velcade®, and Zydelig®.


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