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Obsidio Therapeutics - Targeting the Metabolic Phenotype of Cancer Cells
1:20 PM - 1:40 PM
Thu Oct 26, 2017
Salon D


Obsidio Therapeutics is a late preclinical stage company with a lead asset in IND development. OBT-893 is a first in class drug that targets solid tumors in an unprecedented and sustainable way. Unlike standard targeted therapies, OBT-893 is effective against tumors with diverse driver mutations (e.g. Kras, PTEN, P53) and metabolic profiles. This broad activity stems from OBT-893’s ability to simultaneously block both primary and adaptive nutrient sourcing pathways. In multiple animal tumor models OBT-893 has been shown to be broadly effective and cancer selective overcoming the resistance conferred by tumor heterogeneity and limiting the development of acquired resistance. 

Raksha Shah
CEO, Obsidio Therapeutics

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