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Chilldyne liquid cooling for datacenters
1:20 PM - 1:40 PM
Thu Oct 26, 2017
Salon E


Chilldyne's patented liquid cooling solution allows our datacenter operator customers to cool the newest, more powerful chips and run them in a denser configuration than is possible with traditional air HVAC, saving electricity, water and real estate expense. 

Chilldyne was founded in 2013 by Flometrics, a Carlsbad-based engineering services company.  Flometrics’ expertise is in solving thermodynamic and fluid-flow problems and when it was pointed out to Steve Harrington how much money is spent to air condition electrical components, he  developed the company’s unique solution to liquid cooling employing negative-pressure (vacuum) that eliminates the risk of hardware damage caused by water leaks.  Flometrics then spun off Chilldyne with this new technology and Chilldyne sold $750,000 worth of liquid cooling to cool a GPU-cluster computing system at a National Lab in 2015 and this same VAR recently gave us a $1,250,000 follow-on order for a second large National Lab that just shipped in July 2017.


Datacenters face two problems with traditional HVAC: (i) Traditional HVAC is increasingly unable to cool the levels of computing power that datacenters want to put in a server rack.  Servers that were formerly 240 watts can now have 5000 watts (yes…20x growth) and can’t be air cooled, and (ii) Datacenters need a way to cool future high power systems without spending too much on HVAC now.  Our liquid cooling lets customers solve both problems simultaneously by enabling higher density along with reduced cost and increased energy efficiency.


Chilldyne’s liquid cooling system is optimized for datacenters.  Our direct-to-chip liquid cooling Cool-Flo® system offers all the benefits of liquid cooling without reducing uptime and with zero worries about leaks.  The system utilizes hybrid air-and-liquid cooled heat sinks and negative pressure to deliver a zero-downtime, leak-proof, low cost solution. Our system is designed for ease of installation and operation so that all the rack and server level connections do not require a plumber. 


We are raising $4.0 million in Series A funds to add the sales, business development and operations resources needed to build a company to meet the needs of our customers.  We have attracted interest from Fortune 500 organizations, but they want to see more progress and a stronger organization before they’ll be willing to place us at the heart of their datacenter.   

Chilldyne was recently admitted to the San Diego Regional Energy Innovation Network (SDREIN), an accelerator program for entrepreneurs that are developing solutions to help address the region’s energy priorities.  Equipped with a $5 million grant from the California Energy Commission, SDREIN is a new accelerator program aimed at serving start-ups that are working in energy-efficiency technology, renewable energy, energy storage and smart metering/smart grid technology and other energy services.

Chilldyne recently participated in this year's Innovation Alley at TEDxSanDiego on Saturday, October 14th, 2017.


Bob Spears
President and CEO, Chilldyne Inc.

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