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2:20 PM - 2:40 PM
Thu Oct 26, 2017
Main Ballroom A/B/C


EnduRx Pharmaceuticals is a pre-clinical San Diego company advancing a targeted drug delivery asset with a focus on hard-to-reach solid tumors. Developed in the Sanford Burnham Prebys lab of Erkki Ruoslahti, our nanoparticle drug product homes to a mitochondrial protein that is expressed on the surface of nutrient-deficient cells throughout the tumor micro-environment. Proteolytic cleavage then leads to secondary binding to another cell-surface protein and disruption of the cell membrane and transcytosis, which rapidly distributes an apoptosis-inducing payload throughout the tumor micro-environment. Encouraging data in mouse models of triple-negative breast cancer and glioblastoma has shown significant decrease in tumor volume and some cures. The company is currently moving into lead optimization and candidate selection activities and projects first-in-human administration in 2020.

David Loynd
CEO, EnduRx Pharmaceuticals Inc.

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