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Blended Culture: Living Intercultural Competence
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Thu Oct 19, 2017
Coast Room


Despite being a rapidly growing segment of the population, those with multicultural identities are poorly understood – by others, and by themselves. Come learn about the many pathways to a multicultural identity and the difference between being “blended culture” or “just all mixed up”. Why do blended culture people feel more at home with each than with others from a single culture – even if that single culture is their home? The presenter’s and her colleague’s research explain why – blended culture people share a specific subset of common values. In this highly interactive session, you will explore these values and their implications and better understand these “living lab rats” of intercultural competence, leaving better equipped to become, and support others in becoming, more interculturally competent.     

Heather Robinson
Principal Consultant, Success Across Borders

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