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THEATRE FOR LIVING: Exploring the Divides through Theatre Games and Image Theatre
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Thu Oct 19, 2017
Lahaina Room


Based on the work of David Diamond, and grounded in the work of Augusto Boal (Theater of the Oppressed), Vancouver, BC-based Theatre for Living sees community as a living organism in which the individuals and the collective are interconnected. Through a variety of theatre activities, including movement and trust games, partner activities, and image theatre, we will explore the theme of healing the divides. Key questions will be used to explore how each activity symbolically represents our struggles and issues. The questions allow participants to share their thoughts and feelings with the group and offer an opportunity to understand the different perspectives in the room. Through exploration, the group also tunes into the larger consciousness of the living community of which each participant is a part. While this workshop aims to include some fun through physical movement, it also offers a chance to explore deeper issues. No theatre experience required.

Naomi Wolfe
Faculty, North Island College

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