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How to Master the Art of Adapting to Any Culture (60 min.)
3:50 PM - 4:50 PM
Thu Oct 19, 2017
Coast Room


As an introduction to the topic of cultural adaptation, this session addresses intercultural diversity and keys to adaptation to one or multiple cultures that can be used in university, organizational and private settings. It will also support professionals working in the intercultural field in bringing more practical examples to their clients. Deneuville will share practical examples and lessons learned from her own experience, and also from diverse expatriates and employees working in multinational companies. Deneuville was raised in a multicultural environment and lived in Japan during 9 years from a young age. She developed an ability to analyze and adapt quickly to new cultures, and a curiosity towards new languages. This helped her to quickly adapt to Chinese, British and American cultures during her expatriations. During her 10 years working in multinational companies in various countries, the art of adapting to various cultures has helped greatly in advancing her career.

Cultural Identity.

Yuko Deneuville
Founder and Intercultural Coach, American Dream en famille

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