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Intercultural Mentoring as a Path to Socio-Professional Integration and Development for Immigrants
2:40 PM - 3:40 PM
Thu Oct 19, 2017
Lahaina Room


Amidst vitriolic political discourse, unprecedented shifts in immigration policy, and volatile social climates, immigrants worldwide face an unprecedented number of challenges integrating into their host country. In this socially and politically tempestuous context, intercultural mentoring programs have proven to be effective in top host countries such as Germany, Canada, and the US. A 2008 study of 299 professional intercultural mentorships in 10 countries revealed that mentorship improved employees’ performance, promotability, organizational knowledge, knowledge sharing, and teamwork (Carraher, Sullivan, Crocitto; 2008). This presentation explains why intercultural mentorship initiatives are crucial to successful acculturation and how mentors can bridge socio-professional cultural gaps. The audience will also learn how to communicate culture-specific practices and values, establish scheduled benchmarks to track progress and build trust by consecrating time to mutual intercultural understanding. Participants are encouraged to bring questions, comments, and their mentoring experiences for this interactive opportunity to share methods for healing the divide.

Sharon Schweitzer JD
Cross-Cultural & Global Leadership Trainer | Best-Selling Author | Media Resource, Access to Culture
Naomi Ludeman Smith
Sietar USA

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