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Jump-starting the Success of International Students: The Summer Intensive Program

Thu Oct 19, 2017
2:40 PM - 3:40 PM
Tropic Room


The Summer Intensive is a unique acculturation program specifically designed for international students entering the Carey Business School. Through in- and out-of-classroom experiences, students learn about their new academic environment and city. The purpose of this session is to share a successful example of a comprehensive and innovative approach to help international students acculturate to US culture, to share the intentional context and content of the program as well as the specific outcomes. We hope this example gives participants the opportunity to consider adaptations of any of our program content to their specific needs.      


Bobbie Tchopev
Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School
Priscilla Mint
Johns Hopkins Carey Business School
Anna Carroll
Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

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