Workshop #107: Leading Conversations about Microaggressions, Bias, and Other Difficult Topics
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Wed Mar 11, 2020


Have you ever frozen - not knowing what to say - when you heard a comment or question about diversity? Do you want to learn to facilitate an activity that can help you and your colleagues practice responding to bias? Join us!

We will play a research-based game to practice recognizing and responding to bias. The game invites players to respond to challenging scenarios related to subtle bias. Each scenario appears on a card, and players discuss how they would respond. You'll get to play the game and learn about strategies for sharing the game with a few faculty, your students, or in a larger workshop. Bringing these skills back to your colleagues is an important way to disseminate and scale strategies for creating more inclusive CS classrooms. There are no prerequisites for this workshop and attendees will receive copies of the game to continue to learn and share with others.

Equipment Not Required. Participants do not need any equipment.


Many SIGCSE attendees bring what they learn at SIGCSE back to their colleagues. In our well attended Special Sessions at SIGCSE in 2018 and 2019, attendees learned to respond to bias, which might be more difficult to bring back to their colleagues. This workshop will prepare attendees to lead interactive-sessions about responding to bias at their institution or at other conferences. The workshop will begin by modeling an interactive-session with updated materials from SIGCSE 2019. The workshop attendees will then explore facilitation strategies, ways of managing difficult conversations, and all attendee concerns. All attendees will receive printed copies of the game to use at their institution or to local conferences.

Colleen Lewis Associate Professor of CS, Harvey Mudd College
Catherine Ashcraft University of Colorado Boulder
Wendy DuBow Director of Evaluation, National Center for Women & Info Tech
Helen Hu Professor, Westminster College (Utah)
Kyla McMullen Assistant Professor, University of Florida