Demo #5B: BlueJ 5: Still Going Strong
10:00 AM - 10:45 AM
Sat Mar 14, 2020
Exhibit Hall E


BlueJ is a Java IDE for beginners that has been in widespread use for over twenty years. It is designed specifically for novices, to minimise the amount of cognitive load when learning to program and provide a productive learning experience that supports the teaching of key object-oriented concepts such as the class/object distinction, encapsulation, construction and inheritance.

This year sees the release of BlueJ 5, including among other changes a rewritten program editor and a rewritten extensions API. This demo will present a wide range of BlueJ features, several significant ones added since the last presentation of BlueJ at a SIGCSE Symposium, and also highlight its existing main features for attendees unfamiliar with the system: support for interactive invocation, object inspection, debugging, unit testing and version control. Viewers of the demo will gain a solid understanding of BlueJ's features and how they are designed to support teaching.

Neil C. C. Brown King's College London