Poster #216: What does a Literature Survey Reveal about the Initiatives to Attract and Retain Women into Computer Science Majors in Latin America?
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Fri Mar 13, 2020
Exhibit Hall E


Among the many papers describing initiatives to recruit and re- tain women into Computer Science (CS) majors, the vast majority focus on the United States and Europe. This poster addresses the research question: "What does the literature tell us about inter- ventions for women in CS majors in Latin America?". We have analyzed papers indexed by Scopus, Web of Science (WoS), and the Latin America Women in Computing Conference (LAWCC) using a systematic literature review process. We found papers from ten countries covering initiatives at different educational levels to increase the participation of women in Computing majors in Latin America.

Maristela Holanda Professor, University of Brasilia
Dilma da Silva Professor, Texas A&M University