Sunday, January 5
9:30 am - 11:30 am
Chamber III


  • Mike Moyer (Speaker) Adjunct Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, Northwestern University


When forming startup teams, most founders enter equity share agreements that are doomed to cause conflict because startup companies grow and change over time, but most founder equity deals do not. The Founder Equity Split Interactive Game helps students understand the importance of entering into flexible equity agreements that adjust over time to stay fair. The fun, fast-paced, interactive game simulate the early stages of a company’s life and is played in a group setting with teams of 4-6 students. There are two components, an online card “deck” that students draw from with each card outlining a specific startup event and an online tool that keeps track of what happened. The end result is a comparison of a traditional fixed equity split to a flexible equity split which serves as the basis for classroom discussion. Students learn how different events, like investing money, working long hours, quitting the team or getting fired can impact their equity split.

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