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Deputy Sheriff
Cobb County Sheriff
Enforces all local and state codes, ordinances, laws and regulations, both traffic and criminal, in order to protect life and property, to promote security, and to maintain law and order.
Manages courtroom activities: maintains law and order during courtroom proceedings.
Manages prisoners; maintains continual visual surveillance of inmates: monitors and controls all inmate activities regarding movement.
Transports inmates to/from assigned locations.
Serves felony and misdemeanor warrants and civil papers: arrests individuals named in warrants; conducts investigations to determine location/locate individuals named in criminal and civil papers; performs extradition of alleged criminals from other jurisdictions to satisfy open warrants; and executes lunacy or juvenile pickup orders.
Patrols designated areas to detect and deter criminal activity and traffic violations: prevents/discovers commission of crime and traffic violations; responds to calls relayed by dispatchers; apprehends, arrests, and processes criminals, fugitives and offenders; and writes citations. Responds to calls relayed by dispatchers: responds to alarms, domestic disputes, assaults, burglaries, traffic accidents, lost or missing persons searches, rescue operations, public service duties, welfare checks, stranded motorists, or other calls for assistance; conducts preliminary investigations; interviews victims, complainants and witnesses and takes statements; gathers information and evidence; seizes contraband and weapons; preserves evidence until the case is disposed of in a court of law; preserves and secures crime scenes; and takes photographs and prepares crime scene sketches.
Criminal Justice Specialist
Cobb County Sheriff
Ensures the security and safety of the inmates: ensures that inmates are not injured by themselves or by other inmates; responds to alarms; and provides inmates with information regarding charges, bonding, attorneys, and personal interactions. Staffs and operates security control rooms, providing monitoring of both inmates and security/fire control systems controls all movement within monitored area and ensured that inmates are safely & securely maintained. Maintains accurate counts of detainees; maintains complete records and ensures that current information on detainees is entered into the Records Management System. Performs intake and receipt of inmate property; inventories detainee property, compiles with booking, release orders and procedures. Coordinate visitation for detainees, medical, attorneys or religious services. Operates Security Electronics System, intercom, radio equipment, computer terminal, telephone and Key control systems. Ensures the security and safety of facility staff and visitors: monitors visitor access to facilities and conducts searches for contraband materials; and escorts visitors within the facilitySecures facility keys, receives status and incident reports and special instructions from other personnel. Inspects incoming mail and packages for contraband and often non-permitted items; delivers, packages, mail and items to detainees. Performs other related duties as assigned.
Asset protection associate
Jc Penney
Supports Shrinkage and Safety Awareness programs: Aids Store Management to communicate current shrinkage and safety topics.

Conducting surveillance: Observes customer’s and contractor’s (CCTV/floor) activities to detect theft, fraud or suspicious activity, collects investigative intelligence related to ORC activity and fraud, takes direction from AP management to monitor team member activity as needed, reports infractions of company policy to AP and/or store management.

Detaining and Interviewing suspects: Conducts interviews in accordance with local laws and Company policy on customers and contractors suspected of theft, reports suspected fraud to AP management or Market Investigations as needed.

Maintaining records: Creates and manages records using approved Company methods, proper retention of evidence and disposition of recovered merchandise.

Participating in Court Hearings: Attends hearings, updates appropriated files and maintains relationships with local law enforcement.

Supports Safety programs: Identifies and address potential hazards to customers and associates, takes initiative to correct minor hazards, conducts incident investigations and completes associated reports.

Supports Internal investigations: Takes direction from AP management to collect evidence regarding internal investigations, acts as an interview witness as needed

Perform responsibilities in accordance with company policies and procedures in order to drive sales and profit. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and have a high school diploma or GED.
Police Officer
Kennesaw PD
Police Officer
Link: None
Ralph Lauren Corporation
Responsible for the protection of company assets and mitigation of risk. Effectively communicates, trains, implements, and monitors all aspects of Asset Protection programs in assigned markets. These programs include Tier Shrink Reduction Strategy, training and awareness, store audits, investigative initiatives, profit protection, health and safety and budgetary compliance. Provides leadership and direction to all levels of company employees regarding Asset Protection and Safety concerns.
SSC ORC Investigator
The Home Deoot
Asset Protection Investigations – SSC Organized Retail Crime Investigator will be responsible for developing partnerships inside and outside of the organization to drive theft and fraud strategies to mitigate shrink. The SSC ORC Investigator will be responsible for leveraging reporting and databases to identify and communicate criminal activity. Assist ORC Field Teams to develop detailed investigative plans to help bring cases to resolution at the appropriate scope and pace. They will also be responsible for supporting surveillance and tactical operation plans, documenting investigations and ensuring proper evidence is being collected and maintained to support and secure prosecution. The ORC SSC Investigator will be responsible for maintaining strong relationships with local government agencies and Home Depot Field Asset Protection Teams in their covering regions. Additionally, the SSC ORC Investigator should be able to provide investigative support to peer partners with the same area of responsibility, represent THD during conferences and ORC meetings and partner with Law Enforcement on serious incidents impacting THD brand. The SSC ORC Investigator will report directly to the Sr. Manger – AP Investigations for Western Division and will work in a collaborative team effort with a peer SSC ORC Investigator located in the same operational area; as well as with other ORC Teams located across the Western United States. The position will be based in Atlanta, GA and will support the Western Division ORC Teams.
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