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Postdoc: X-ray imaging and electron microscopy data analysis
KAUST, Saudi Arabia in collaboration with CNRS, Grenoble France.
We are searching for a postdoc with experience in imaging data analysis (phase retrieval algorithms, image processing, big data, image segmentation and others). The project consists of processing 2D and 3D images of catalyst samples. Experience with Python programming is required. The position is open to work at KAUST, in Saudi Arabia, but with often visits to CNRS, Grenoble, France or synchrotron facilities in the world. KAUST is located at the city of Thuwal, Saudi Arabia and have
Post-doctoral fellow in 4D X-ray imaging with machine learning
Lund University
We are searching for a postdoc with experience in X-ray imaging and machine learning to develop a platform for 4D imaging at European XFEL for a novel X-ray imaging technique based on X-ray multi-projection imaging that enables 4D MHz imaging. The position is at Lund University (Sweden) and is supported by the European Innovation Council (EIC).
Project Engineer/Leader - Beamline Instrumentation
We are searching for an Engineer interested in working in an industrial environment as a Project Leader for Beamline instrumentation. The candidate will take over responsibiliteis in designing and building state-of-the-art beamline equipment worldwide.
Imaging at extreme intensities using XFELs (postdoc)
University of Hamburg
X-ray Free Electron Lasers (XFEL) provide orders of magnitude increase in pulse frequency compared to other sources and have the potential to realize the goal of single-molecule diffractive imaging. Atomic-resolution diffraction from single macromolecules ideally requires pulse fluences above 1014 photons/um2, which is about two orders of magnitude higher than available in current experiments. We are developing multilayer Laue lenses, which can be used to focus X-rays down to few nanometers. Combined with XFELs this opens up opportunities for 3D imaging at the nanometer scale and studying materials under extreme temperatures and pressures.
The specific duties are:
develop and apply techniques to characterize and improve X-ray lenses
develop new imaging methodologies using lab sources, synchrotrons and XFELs
investigate the effects of intense X-ray fields generated by focusing XFEL pulses onto materials
investigate coherent diffraction using highly convergent beams
prepare research proposals, perform experiments at XFEL facilities and process the data
X-ray Scientist
Sigray, Inc.
Experience in X-ray imaging technique development
System Engineer
Sigray, Inc.
Experience in developing x-ray instrumentations
Postdoc for Advanced Table-Top Ptychography with XUV and X-ray Light
Helmholtz-Institute Jena
You will advance the current state-of-the art in table top nanoscale imaging with XUV and X-ray light by implementing advanced multiplexing strategies to enable multi-spectral, correlative and 3D imaging. In addition, you will explore different fields of applications ranging from materials science to biology and demonstrate the capabilities of table-top XUV and soft X-ray ptychography in proof-of-principle experiments.
Scientist in Coherent Imaging
We are searching for a scientist to develop novel imaging methods at X-ray free-electron lasers, synchrotron radiation facilities, and other sources. Our new state of the art multilayer Laue lenses open up many new possibilities for imaging and structure determination. The candidate will explore holographic and ptychographic approaches for imaging single particles and nanocrystals, combining ideas and developments in single-particle imaging, nanocrystallography, Bragg ptychography, and near-field ptychography. They will apply these in our broader program of time-resolved imaging of materials and biological structures.
Postdoc in ptychography and scanning microscopy
We have a postdoctoral position open to develop scanning Compton X-ray microscopy and ptychography at high photon energies. The position will extend our approaches to measure the wavefronts of multilayer Laue lenses and to achieve high-throughput imaging with the development of achromatic lens systems as well as through computational schemes. Please contact Henry Chapman at for this and other potential projects
Post-doc micro- and nano- fabrication for X-ray Optics
ETH Zurich and Paul Scherrer Institut
You will contribute to developing the microfabrication process of X-ray gratings in silicon substrate suitable for grating based X-ray interferometry. We are a highly motivated and synergic team and we are passionate for challenging and non conventional problem solving schemes. The successful candidate should have proven hands-on experience in clean room operation and silicon microfabrication, a master or PhD degree in Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, or Materials Science or previous industrial experience are considered plus. Prior experience with optical lithography, plasma physics and deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) is highly desirable. Good English and good communication skills are required.
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