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Deputy Director, PW - Sustainability and Environment
City of Lancaster
Primary Functions and Job Details
The City of Lancaster PA is looking for a Deputy Director for Sustainability and Environment within the City’s Department of Public Works.

e City of Lancaster is a Third-Class City in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is also subject to a Consent Decree to manage the quality of the waters that flow into the Conestoga River, a tributary to the Susquehanna River, and part of the Chesapeake Watershed.

The Department of Public Works is charged with maintaining the City infrastructure including water and wastewater facilities for the City and ten municipalities; managing a nationally-recognized stormwater program; providing safe and clean streets; maintaining and improving public buildings and other public facilities; enhancing recreational opportunities in the City’s parks and open spaces for residents and for use by the Lancaster Recreation Commission; and managing and coordinating the single hauler trash and recycling program. These services combine to ensure public health and safety and enhance the quality of life in the City. In fact, the motto of DPW is Dedicated to your Quality of Life.
Code Compliance Officer
Borough of Gettysburg
The Borough of Gettysburg is seeking a Code Compliance Officer to perform technical and administrative work in property maintenance inspections and code enforcement with a customer service approach. Code Enforcement is critical to ensuring the Borough's mission of providing responsive, efficient and effective public services that promote the health, safety, well-being and prosperity of its citizens while protecting housing quality and preserving the rich and historical heritage of the Borough.

The Code Compliance Officer is charged with managing the Borough’s Residential Rental program, including inspections, compliance, reporting, and enforcement. This position is also responsible for code enforcement and administration, including property maintenance code, nuisance codes, business licensing codes, and codes and regulations pertaining to the health, safety, and appearance of the community.
Gettysburg Borough
The incumbent of this classification performs a variety of human resources professional activities including, but not limited to, labor relations, benefit plan administration, job analysis, affirmative action planning, coordination of employee training and development, keeping employee training records, and risk assessment.

The incumbent also performs a variety of project management and implementation duties and serves as additional support for the processing of the Borough’s payroll, accounts payable/receivable, and other administrative duties as assigned.

The Human Resources Coordinator/Administrative Assistant works closely with other staff in the Office of the Manager/Treasurer – most notably the Assistant Borough Manager/Secretary and Accountant I/Finance Assistant. The Office of the Manager/Treasurer is responsible for the oversight and daily management of all municipal departments and services. This oversight and management include both operational and financial responsibilities.

He/she will have contact with other offices and/or departments to resolve problems that require departure from regular procedures and is expected to engage in outreach to educate the public on matters related to Borough policies and actions.

Click link to be directed to an employment application. Submit the employment application along with a resume. Position open until filled.

Aquatic Center Facility and Sports League Manager
Chambersburg Borough
The incumbent of this position serves in a dual capacity as both the on-site operations manager over the Chambersburg Aquatic Center and the responsible borough official who manages the operations of the borough’s Recreation Department Sports Leagues. From approximately January through September, the incumbent is responsible for coordinating and managing tasks associated with the operation of the Chambersburg Aquatic Center and ancillary facilities (i.e. mini-golf, basketball, volleyball, entranceway, and parking areas associated therein). From approximately September through May, the incumbent is responsible for the on-site management and operations of most Recreation Department Sport Leagues (i.e. soccer and basketball). It is understood that the scope of responsibilities will overlap throughout the year with clear distinction of duties.
Health Officer
City of Lancaster
Over 1 month ago46,459.03–65,042.64 a yearFull-time
Job highlights
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A registered nurse licensed in this Commonwealth; or

A minimum of an associate degree from a recognized college or university or;

A minimum of 60 credit hours at a recognized college or university, including credits in the physical or biological sciences

All Health Officer candidates shall be required to offer evidence of successful completion of the following within six (6) months of hire:
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