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Aquatic Pest Control Technician - Multiple Positions, Permanent Intermittent
California State Parks (CA Department of Parks and Recreation)
From CalCareers: "Assist the Specialist in the safe navigation and maintenance of different types of boats, boat trailers, tow vehicles and mechanical harvesting equipment in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta waterways and in shallow rivers; assist in the maintenance and minor repairs of equipment including boats, spray gear, automotive, and other transport equipment; assist in maintaining detailed equipment maintenance records.

Assist the Specialist in safely and effectively operating and maintaining application equipment and chemical handling for aquatic weed treatment; learn and assist in carrying out varied tasks such as hand removal/physical control of invasive aquatic weeds, etc.

Assist the Specialist in accurately monitoring and recording treatment conditions, including mapping, data recording, daily reporting, inventory, computer entry, in-water plant or fish census, and other reports. Assist in future treatment area selection and treatment scheduling. Attend appropriate continuing education classes in order to maintain required pesticide applicator's licenses. Follow verbal and written instructions; withstand extremes of weather and physical work; learn new tasks; accept and benefit from training and/or suggestions for improvement."
Temporary Field Botany Technician ( Invasive Plants)
California Botanic Garden
Be part of a team working on Invasive plant removal throughout the Angeles National Forest. 100% in the field, no office time. Four 10hr days a week. Meets out of forest service headquarters. Involving tough back country/off trail hiking into steep remote canyons. Chainsaw work on large invasive species like Tamarix, Aroundo, tree of heaven.
Must be ok with physically challenging work days in rough terrain I.e. bushwhacking, digging trees out of the dirt and rocky creek beds. Must be ok with daily use of herbicides. Must be able to conduct work in inclement weather. Must like plants. (Find out more by checking out the posting on
Seasonal Stewardship Technician
Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Cinservancy
The Stewardship Technician is primarily responsible for implementation of
restoration projects on 15 preserve properties on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. The Stewardship
Manager will supervise this position. This is a seasonal, hourly position.
GIS Specialist
Yosemite National Park
Permanent GIS Specialist with the branch of Vegetation and Ecological Restoration at Yosemite NP.
Assists Geographic Information System (GIS) Coordinator in collecting, storing, maintaining and utilizing spatial and tabular data.
Integrates a variety of standard GIS and database management software to meet vegetation program needs. Implements data documentation procedures and distribution using appropriate technologies.
Develops global positioning system (GPS) data dictionaries, spatial data inventories, and cross linkages to ensure software and data structure compatibility.
Assists with maintaining hardware, peripherals, GPS units, network, and GIS operating systems. Creates, communicates, and implements data management protocols and workflows.
Uses integrating computer models and other tools with biological and physical scientific knowledge and resources management practices, conducts standard analysis of geo-referenced data to determine resources conditions and trends, and models expected or predicted results of alternative management actions. Produces maps and other georeferenced products.
Trains Vegetation branch biologists and biological science technicians in use of mobile data collection devices. Troubleshoots problems. Performs field work in remote environments to generate new or verify ("ground- truth") mapped information, using standard resources field sampling and scientific methods.
FORESTRY TECHNICIAN - Multiple Positions, Permanent, Full Time
CA State Parks

The reporting location for this position is Hollister Hills SVRA, 7800 Cieniga Rd., Hollister. Hollister Hills SVRA is located in Gabilan Mountains and features 6800 acres of scenic terrain with OHV, hiking, bicycling and equestrian trails. This position will work under the close supervision of the Sr. Environmental Scientist (Supervisory).

This position assists, on a technical level, natural resource management staff in implementing projects for the fire impacts, restoration, and management of natural resources. This position will take an active role in maintaining the natural diversity and resiliency of park land which brings joy to many visitors, fortifying the park against the real threat of wildfires. The incumbent may be assigned to work at other park units within the District.

This position requires a valid California Driver’s license.

Employee must attend (at employers expense) and pass Basic Firefighter training within 12 months of hire and must pass, within 1 month, the fire community's standardized Moderate Pack Test (Requirements: 2-mile walk with 25 lb. pack in 30 minutes. No jogging or running).

Training and Development Assignments may be considered.

Damage Mitigation Technician at Joshua Tree National Park
Great Basin Institute
In cooperation with the National Park Service at Joshua Tree National Park (JOTR), the Great Basin Institute is recruiting a Damage Mitigation Technician Research Associate to lead off-highway vehicle (OHV) incursion, graffiti, illegal camp fire, and other damage mitigation efforts. The Technician will work with park staff to develop strategies to prevent illegal vehicle incursions throughout the Park and will implement treatments to repair and prevent incursions. The Technician will reclaim areas damaged by OHV and other vehicles traveling off roads through construction and maintenance of barricades, installation of signage, installation of vertical and horizontal mulch, raking out tracks, and other methods. The Technician will survey for and inventory incursion tracks, illegal fire rings, and graffiti using Arc Collector or Field Maps. The Technician will collaborate with Park Law Enforcement to assess the value of damaged vegetation, as well as the cost of labor and materials to reclaim damaged areas and prepare reports documenting the assessed value of damages. The Technician will be responsible for maintaining and updating a geodatabase of incursion locations, treatments, and treatment effectiveness. The Technician will train and lead groups of volunteers that assist with monitoring and reclaiming OHV incursions. The Technician may, contingent upon funding, direct the work of a field crew, including hiring, training, supervision, planning and scheduling field work, leading the crew in implementing treatments, and assuring conformance to safety policies. The Technician will provide training for park staff and volunteers on best management practices for reducing vehicle incursions and reclaiming damaged areas. The Technician must be capable of hiking long distances in a desert environment, including steep, rocky terrain. Field work may require outdoor work in cold, windy, very warm (100+ degrees F) and occasionally rainy conditions.
Associate Ecologist
Hedgerow Farms
Hedgerow Farms and Pacific Coast Seed have been the leading providers of native seed in Northern California for over three decades. We work with agencies, nonprofits, and landowners to help restore land through producing and designing site-appropriate native plant mixes. We are currently adding an Associate Ecologist in our Winters, CA office.

The Associate Ecologist will work under the direction of the Lead Restoration Ecologist on the following tasks:

• Communicate with clients and design custom seed mixes for projects
• Attend project planning meetings and conduct site visits with potential clients
• Manage seed collection activities and regularly meet with the collections crew
• Present at workshops and organize outreach events
• Assist with administrative work related to these activities
Associate Vegetation Ecologist / Data Analyst
California Native Plant Society
The Associate Vegetation Ecologist / Data Analyst is a full-time non-exempt position directly supervised by the Vegetation Field Data Specialist. The Ecologist is responsible for supporting the Bureau of Land Management’s Assessment, Inventory, and Monitoring (AIM) program to coordinate data collection on BLM lands throughout California. They will review and complete Quality Assurance (QA) / Quality Control (QC) procedures for AIM datasets, provide technical support and training to field staff in the use of ArcGIS Field Maps and Survey123, work with BLM staff on data management and storage of AIM data and related datasets, and complete basic analysis and reporting. The position includes funding for at least 1 year (12 months) of full-time work, beginning in January 2022, and may be extended an additional year.
Plants Program Manager
Salmon River Restoration Council
The Salmon River Restoration Council is seeking a qualified and highly motivated individual to fill our Plants Program Manager position. This is an evolving program and we are looking for a candidate with a passion for plants and ecology and the drive and skills to help this program reach its full potential.

SRRC’s Plant Program currently consists of two primary projects - noxious weeds management and native plants restoration. The Cooperative Noxious Weeds Project (CNWP) has been successfully treating noxious weeds throughout the Salmon River watershed since the early 1990’s and is founded on a strong commitment to non-chemical control. The native plants project is centered around the restoration of native plant communities at SRRC’s diverse habitat restoration sites.

The Plants Program Manager will lead a dynamic program, with duties changing by the season. The Manager will oversee SRRC’s existing noxious weeds project and coordinate native plant restoration efforts. They will also be responsible for developing a new meadow restoration project and taking a leadership role in the newly formed Klamath Meadow Partnership. They will manage riparian and meadows restoration contracts and contractors, oversee program staff, develop environmental compliance documents, utilize GIS, and participate in regional collaborative efforts. This position is a good fit for someone adept at working in both the office and field, who can apply local knowledge of plant ecology to funding proposals, collaborative project development and implementation.

A successful candidate needs to have a sound understanding of botany and ecology, relevant education or experience, working knowledge of environmental compliance (NEPA, CEQA, etc.) and GIS, good communication and organizational skills, and experience managing staff and contractors.
Natural Resource Member
John Muir National Historic Site
*This position is through the American Conservation Experience (ACE) and the announcement, with details on how to apply, should be posted in the next 1-2 weeks.

This position is located within the Branch of Natural Resource Management (NRM) with the main goal of providing support for managing, monitoring, and synthesizing natural resource data at John Muir National Historic Site (JOMU) in Martinez, CA. The internship works closely with park staff and park partners and is roughly 90% field-based (though some weeks may have more office time) with a focus on non-native invasive plant management (60%) and biological monitoring (40%). Work schedule will be Monday through Thursday, 8am – 2pm (due to warmer weather, the start time will switch to 7am in April). Primary duties for this job include:
• Managing non-native invasive plants using manual techniques (weed trimmers, hand-pulling) and assisting with herbicide application.
• Identifying, monitoring, and mapping target species and populations of native and invasive plant species using GPS units.
• Collecting data from various plant species for the California Phenology Project.
• Serving as a biological monitor during mowing operations.
• Assisting biologists with various biological monitoring projects including reptile, small mammal, bird, and pollinator surveys, including installation of trap-lines, data collection, and data input.
• Assisting with photo-point, wildlife camera, and water quality monitoring.
• Providing NRM support through maintaining and cleaning equipment, assisting with outreach events, attending relevant meetings, and participating in trainings.
Field Foreman / Supervisor
Habitat West, Inc.
Full time Native Habitat Restoration implementation and maintenance positions available
Habitat Technicians
Habitat West, Inc
Field positions for Non native weed removal in various habitats. Vernal pools, riparian, coastal sage scrub, chaparral, salt marsh. Full time or part time open.
Photographer/Videographer (Sr. Producer Director)
University of California Statewide IPM Program
This position is responsible for taking and processing still images and video footage of unique and often difficult subjects—a wide variety of pests (arthropods, vertebrates, plant pathogens, and weeds), pest damage, and pest management practices for use on the UC IPM website and in UC IPM publications and products (both online and in print), such as identification card sets, presentations, magazines, short instructional videos for YouTube, and online courses. Subjects may need to be photographed under magnification or need special techniques due to rapid movement.
Field Technician
Laguna Canyon Foundation
The Field Technician will report to the Conservation Crew & Logistics Coordinator and will work closely with the rest of the Laguna Canyon Foundation staff, volunteers, landowners, and partners to implement a variety of field-based projects.

This position performs duties including but not limited to: native plant seed collection, native plant propagation and installation, irrigation installation and maintenance, vegetation & wildlife monitoring, and mechanical and chemical weed control. This position is field-based and requires extensive physical labor in adverse conditions and difficult terrain, including but not limited to working with herbicide, hand weeding, digging, bending, kneeling, using power tools such as string trimmers, brush cutters and augers, and moving heavy, awkward materials and equipment.  The ideal candidate will have experience working on field-based projects, be a strong problem solver who is comfortable using an adaptive work management style, have a proven track record working both independently and as a team member, be dependable and self-motivated, and have a positive attitude.
Senior Environmental Scientist- Biologist and Natural Resource Specialist
Under general supervision of the an EPM I, Office Chief of Maintenance Environmental - Specialty Projects, the incumbent
independently identify problems, develop courses of action, and conduct critical and/or sensitive scientific investigations and
studies and may prepare guidance, policy, planning, or regulatory documents and legislative proposals on issues of importance
to the Department, and do other related work. Incumbents may be assigned lead responsibility for a specific project, program
function, or area of expertise.
Analyzes project impacts on biotic resources and works to design compensatory measures as appropriate. Completes technical
reports for biological sufficiency as input to environmental documents. Ensures biological reports and or permits for projects are
delivered within schedule and budget. Manages resource and regulatory agency permit determinations and negotiates permits
and agreements for projects as applicable with federal, state and local laws, regulations and policies. Manages permit
amendments; review of project specifications, plans and estimates; agency site visits and other related agency concerns. The
person in this position may act as Office Chief, when designated, during the Chief's absence.
Senior Environmental Scientist Specialist- NEPA/CEQA Senior Specialist
The NEPA/CEQA Senior Specialist will be a key contributor to special projects, corridor-long transportation projects, and
programmatic mitigation opportunities in the Caltrans District 4 (Bay Area) Office of Special Projects in the Division of
Maintenance. Under the general supervision of the Senior Environmental Scientist (Supervisory) or Environmental Program
Manager I, this position serves in a lead role on highly complex and long lead district-wide projects. The incumbent is responsible
for having an in-depth knowledge of CEQA, NEPA, the California Coastal Act, the McAteer-Petris Act, and the policies and
procedures that govern Caltrans Project Delivery. The Senior Specialist will be responsible for advising the Office Chief and
Branch Chiefs on science policy-related issues in the District. The position focuses on the most complex projects in District 4, and
the incumbent will be assigned standalone Caltrans or locally-sponsored long lead projects and technical studies related to sea
level rise and climate change risk assessments. Beyond special projects, the position may focus on interfacing with the Office of
Advance Planning in to review and include vegetation management components to capital outlay projects. The incumbent is
expected to work in an independent capacity both within and outside Caltrans, and within programs that may have significant
consequences for Caltrans and its constituents.
Seasonal Technicians & Assistants
Marin County Parks
Marin County Parks is seeking to fill a variety of seasonal positions for the 2023 field season. Please visit our website to learn more!
Forester, Forestry Assistant, Forestry Tech, Forestry Aide, Internships
California State Parks

Passionate about protecting California’s natural and cultural resources through forest stewardship? Desire meaningful work? Make a difference as part of a growing, enthusiastic team focused on increasing wildfire resilience through conservation forestry, prescribed burning, structure hardening, ecosystem restoration, and more!

Positions available at parks statewide with competitive salaries and excellent benefits.
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