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PhD student in Evolutionary Biology/Ecology/Genetics/Computational Sciences
San Diego State University
The Sethuraman Lab at San Diego State University invites applications from potential PhD and Masters students for Fall 2024 - we are looking for scholars with a background and research interest in (1) population genetics/genomics, (2) bioinformatics/computational biology, (3) evolutionary biology, (4) conservation, (5) computer science/applied mathematics, (6) machine learning to join the lab through several graduate programs at San Diego State University:

PhD programs
1) Joint Doctoral Program in Evolutionary Biology (with University of California Riverside)
2) Joint Doctoral Program in Molecular Biology (with University of California San Diego)
3) Joint Doctoral Program in Computational Sciences (with University of California Irvine)

This recruitment season, we are specifically looking for PhD students interested in the following funded projects:

1) Developing new statistical methods/software for estimating evolutionary history - for examples of methods that we have developed, see: PPP, InRelate, IMa2p, IMGui, MigSelect, and MULTICLUST.

2) Understanding human evolutionary history, specifically in the face of gene flow from archaic ghost populations. We are interested in understanding/estimating signatures of selective sweeps, linked selection, adaptive/maladaptive introgression, load, and demographic history across diverse human populations.

Come find me at the Beckman Symposium to chat more, or learn more at my lab webpage:

We are committed to recruiting a diverse group of scientists to join my lab group – so we highly encourage folks who identify as a part of historically underrepresented groups to apply. This includes (non-exhaustively) people of color, international students, Veterans of armed forces, student-parents/caregivers, first-generation degree holders, the LGBTQIA+ family, and folks with medical conditions and disabilities.
Postdoctoral positions
Biomedical Engineering, Boston University
Nia Lab is currently seeking postdoctoral applicants with expertise and interest in pulmonary mechanobiology and mechano-immunity in multiple areas including lung cancer, lung metastasis, pathogen transport and transmission dynamics, and aging. The postdoctoral fellow is expected to utilize novel model systems developed in Nia Lab including Crystal Ribcage and Extracorporeal Cross-circulation models to probe the dynamics of pulmonary disease development, progression, and treatment response in real-time and at the cellular resolution. These transformative models provide an unprecedented opportunity to make visible several key events in pulmonary pathophysiology that has been invisible when using traditional approaches. The projects defined involve both hypothesis-driven and exploratory types.
Nia Lab is currently funded by NIH Director’s New Innovator Award (DP2), NIH-NHLBI, NIH-NIBIB, NSF (CAREER), Beckman Foundation, and Johnson & Johnson.
Expected tasks:
The position requires a highly motivated and independent researcher to:
• Pursue an independent and collaborative research at the interface of Physical sciences and engineering, biology, and immunology.
• Perform ultra-fast confocal microscopy on a lung in action in Crystal Ribcage.
• Perform microsurgeries that are involved in the use of crystal ribcage and extracorporeal cross-
• Publish the original results, present research at relevant conferences, and contribute to grant
Required qualifications:
• PhD in Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biology, Immunology, or relevant areas
• Extensive hands-on experience with fluorescent optical imaging, and preliminary image processing
• Extensive experience with mouse handling and microsurgeries
• Experience with cell culture and molecular biology
• Excellent oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills in a highly multidisciplinary environment
• Excellent organizational skill to maintain lab policy and processes
Research Assistant: cryo-ET
University of Michigan
The University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute (U-M LSI) is looking for a specialist to support the daily operation of a Cryo-FIB-SEM dual beam system (ThermoFisher Aquilos 2) and a cryo-confocal microscope (Leica Stellaris) for sample preparation pipelines for cryo-electron tomography (cryo-ET). The U-M LSI hosts a well-established, state-of-the-art Electron Microscopy Suite (2 Titan Krios, Talos Arctica, and a Glacios, each equipped with direct electron detector). You will join a vibrant, collaborative research community and play a role in equipment maintenance, sample preparation, and training users. You will also work with the cryo-ET group in developing and integrating cryo-ET workflows. You will report to Dr. Ohi and work with Dr. Mosalaganti and other members of the LSI Cryo-EM team. No experience needed -we will teach how to use the equipment!!
Link: None
Graduate Student Researcher
UCLA - Chemical Engineering
Looking for graduate students interested in fundamental and applied heterogeneous photocatalysis beginning Fall 2024 in the ChE department at UCLA. Please email for more information.
Link: Information
Tenure Track Faculty Positions (All Ranks)
University of Utah
Three positions at all ranks in the broadly defined areas:
1. Bioanalytical / Analytical Chemistry such as electrochemistry, biocatalysis, biosensing
2. Organic / Polymer Chemistry
3. Inorganic / Materials Chemistry such as materials design and/or computational and data-driven techniques
For more information please reach out to Ming Hammond, Professor of Chemistry
Link: None
project scientist cell / molecular biology
University of California Santa Barbara
The Project Scientist will provide independent contributions to the planning, adaptation, and execution of experimental eukaryotic cell culture preparation techniques and technologies for structural investigations.


To have a PhD in Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, or a related field.

Experience in eukaryotic cell culture, including proficiency in maintaining diverse cell lines and differentiation protocols.

Experience in advanced genetic manipulation techniques, such as CRISPR/Cas9, RNA interference, and gene expression analysis.

Experience with fluorescence microscopy, live cell imaging, and fluorescence-based assays.

The University is equal opportunity / affirmative action employer.

Apply link:
PhD Student/Graduate Student Researcher
Oregon State University
The Osborn Popp Lab in the Department of Chemistry at Oregon State University is seeking motivated and creative students to participate in research involving development of new solid state NMR methods and instrumentation for the study of complex chemical systems. Research in the lab is highly interdisciplinary and sits at the interface of materials science, chemical biology, and physical chemistry. No prior experience in solid state NMR necessary- if you enjoy a wide range of chemical topics and a hands-on/homebuilt approach to chemistry research, you’d be a great fit. Please feel free to email Prof. Tom Osborn Popp if you are interested or have any questions.
Post-bac/Research Asst. and Postdoc openings in CryoEM/ET and FIB/SEM
Baylor College of Medicine
BCM has been doing CryoEM/ET for 30+ Years. We recently purchased an Aquilos 2 FIB/SEM with correlative widefield fluorescence and a high pressure freezer under Beckman support. This is a general call for either students looking for a gap 1-2 years for research experience or postdocs looking to get experience in this cutting edge technique. No specific openings are posted, but we have available funding to hire. Email if interested.
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Postbac or Postdoc in Deep Learning Image Processing for CryoEM
Baylor College of Medicine
My group has been developing the EMAN2 software suite for CryoEM/ET image analysis for the last 25 years. Over the last 5-10 years we’ve been moving aggressively into deep learning approaches. If you have a reasonable math and/or programming (Python with some C++) background and are interested in building your CV in this area, we have funding. Email if interested.
Link: None
PhD and MD/PhD students
Mayo Clinic
Apply to graduate programs in biomedicine at Mayo
Postdoc - Electrochemical Engineering
Drexel University
Hi all, I’m looking for a potential Postdoc interested in batteries and electrochemical energy storage. My research group at Drexel University is focused on understanding battery failure and making better batteries for electric vehicles, along with electrochemical synthesis of industrial fuels such as ammonia. The Postdoc would be given lots of freedom and funding to pursue their own research agenda within this scope, and gain experience with helping setup the lab and manage a team (2 PhD students, 3 undergrads and MS) along with proposal writing experience with me.
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