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Data Scientist 1
Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
Please see the link for description and application portal - come join our awesome team!
Assistant or associate professor crop sensing
Wageningen University & Research
We seek a crop scientist who specializes in analyzing and explaining field crop functioning from (remote or proximal) sensing data. The candidate is experienced in interpreting large datasets coming from crop sensing in terms of crop performance: development, functioning, health, and productivity. The candidate has a background in advanced data analysis (e.g. machine learning techniques) and affinity with crop simulation modelling techniques to link sensor data to underlying crop traits.

The candidate’s research focus should be complementary to ongoing research of the chair group as well as the broader field, with potential for collaboration with public and private partners, both in the temperate and/or (semi-) tropical regions. With this position, we aim to expand the portfolio of the Crop Physiology group in the domain of understanding and predicting crop functioning based on sensor data.
Sales, Software, Mechatronics
LemnaTec GmbH
LemnaTec is looking for new team members as sales manager, software developer, and mechatronics engineer.
Research Scientist
Elemental Enzymes
Multiple Positions
Phenotyping Project Manager
Hiphen Agricultural Image Analytics
Manage phenotyping campaigns with our clients from protocol definition to data processing, results
validation and reporting of conclusions;
• Onboard and train our clients in the use of Hiphen’s digital tools ;
• Collaborate with our IT and R&D teams to ensure that the tools and methods developed meet the client's
needs and are delivered on time;
• Analyze the agronomic measurements produced within the scope of the projects in order to produce analytical
deliverables that respond to the problem statement and hypothesis;
• Pro-actively suggest innovative ideas to help us continually improve our tools, our efficiencies and the value
we deliver to our clients.
Precision Phenotyping Post-Doctoral Researcher
The Precision Phenotyping Team is seeking a candidate who can help drive new solutions for plant breeding. Our group develops solutions by investigating new precision phenotyping platforms (drones, robotics, satellite, etc.), sensors (RGB, multi-spectral, hyperspectral, LiDAR, etc.) and other technologies. The selected post doc’s primary responsibility will be to synthesize a number of public disclosures related to precision phenotyping technologies from a sizable pre-existing dataset and drive phenotyping excellence by improving current phenotyping techniques. The successful candidate will need to creatively design and execute science plans related to specific phenotyping targets and have an ability to work both independently and across dynamic teams. Experience with writing manuscripts, machine learning, statistics, and novel precision phenotyping tools is highly desirable. Experience collecting phenotyping data in the field is also favorable
Postdoctoral Researcher in Gehan Lab
Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
A postdoc research position is available in the Gehan Lab
Laboratory Technician in the Gehan Lab
Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
Laboratory tech position in the Gehan lab
Junior Specialist in the Diepenbrock Lab
University of California, Davis
Our lab is recruiting a Junior Specialist to work with us on grain legumes and sorghum in the field, lab, and computational settings ( A Bachelor's degree is required by time of appointment to this role. Please feel free to share with undergraduate student researchers who are working with your groups. Thank you!
MS / Post Doc Research USDA Fellowship (ORISE)
USDA-ARS Cereal Crops Research Unit
Interested in seed research? Phenotyping? Beer?
1-2 year research fellowship working on multi and hyperspectral imaging (lab based and UAV) to predict quality traits in barley. Topics include preharvest sprouting, abiotic stress, seed and malting and brewing quality.
Link: None
Postdoctoral Scholar in Genomic Resource Development and High-throughput Phenotyping in Lima Bean
University of California, Davis
Post-Doctoral Associate
Machine Learning and Sensing Lab, University of Florida
Applications are invited for a postdoctoral associate position with an immediate opening in Professor Alina Zare’s group, The Machine Learning and Sensing Lab, at the University of Florida in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Professor Zare’s conducts research in the area of machine learning and artificial intelligence where they have focused primarily on developing new machine learning algorithms to automatically understand and process data and imagery. Their research work has included automated plant root phenotyping, sub-pixel hyperspectral image analysis, target detection and underwater scene understanding using synthetic aperture sonar, LIDAR data analysis, Ground Penetrating Radar analysis, and buried landmine and explosive hazard detection. This position will help manage and carry out research across a number projects in the lab with many opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations and publications.
Postdoctoral Researcher, TerraByte
University of Winnipeg
We are seeking a highly qualified scientist or engineer to join the TerraByte research group ( as a full-time postdoctoral researcher.

Please see the details in the link below for a detailed description of qualifications and responsibilities.
Postdoctoral fellow in sensor develoment
McGill University
PDF in bendable sensors for plant phenomics is available at McGill University
Candidates with plant science, fungal biology and phenomics and sensor control desirable
Contact for further information
Postdoc in field phenomics
McGill University
PDF in field platform develoment is available at McGill University
Research involves developing and finalizing the platform and conducting research in breeding populations
Candidates with background in Ag Engineering desirable
Research Fellow (High- Throughput Plant Phenotyping)
Roles & Responsibilities
The Nanyang Technological University School of Materials Science and
Engineering (NTU MSE) is looking for a highly motivated and experienced candidate to join us as Research Fellow (RF). The RF will join a 3-year research project funded by Singapore National Research Foundation (NRF). The research project is an interdisciplinary joint project of HUJI (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and NTU (Nanyang Technological University) aiming to develop a replicable, data-centered,
autonomous, sustainable, intelligent, computational urban farming system for whole-plant yield optimization.
In this multidisciplinary project, a unique multimodal indoors remote sensing high-throughput plant phenotyping (HTTP) system is incorporated with whole plant and environmental sensing system all data is to be fused and analyzed with AI techniques to optimize yield of indoor crops under solid and hydroponic substrates. The successful candidate will take part in developing and starting the data collection from this unique HTTP system and should be a constructive team member while maintaining independent research.
Research Plant Pathologist/Plant Physiologist/Horticulturist/Geneticist (Plants)
The incumbent is assigned to a Research Plant Pathologist conducting basic and applied research on Citrus breeding and evaluation. The incumbent provides professional research support and performs technical duties, including coordinating the establishment of a new Citrus orchard with multiple species that will be utilized in a breeding program, evaluating effects of biotic and abiotic stresses in both elite and non-domesticated germplasm, and assessment of water quality and quantity on Citrus health and productivity. In addition, the incumbent will coordinate with Breeding Insight to begin developing infrastructure for genotypic selection in Citrus populations. The overall goal of the research is the development and introduction of new high quality and disease resistant cultivars of grapefruit, lemons, mandarins, and oranges that will sustain American agriculture and supply high quality nutritious fruits to US consumers and international markets.
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