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Jobs Posted on the Whova Community Board of 2023 RVTEC Annual Meeting

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Data System Specialist
Oregon State University
Oregon State University Ship Operations is seeking a Data System Specialist. This is a full-time (1.00 FTE), 12-month, professional faculty position.

This position serves the software development, maintenance, end-user onboarding and instrumentation implementation needs created by transitioning OSU’ Regional Class Research Vessel (RCRV) Program’s Cruise Observations Real-time Interface & Open Live Information eXchange (CORIOLIX) datapresence system into production on Oceanographic Research Vessels.

Software development, maintenance and onboarding activities include:

Assisting with CORIOLIX application development (python, javascript, SQL, Linux)
Building new CORIOLIX hardware systems (procurement, configuration)
Field installation of hardware (on-site installation and commissioning)
Installation and integration of scientific sensors with CORIOLIX

Maintenance and administration activities include:

Remote state-of-health monitoring of deployed CORIOLIX systems
Periodic scheduled maintenance and upgrade events
Site visits for training (or other) including time at sea
IT Analyst / Marine Technician
The University of Alaska Fairbanks is advertising for a temp pool that will offer opportunities to work on R/V Sikuliaq as either a Marine Technician or IT Analyst. Here is the link:

If you have questions about Marine Technician positions, please reach out either Ethan Roth or Julian Race
Marine Technician
Oregon State University
Team member of the OSU Marine Technician Group
UHDAS technician - hiring soon, but no job is open now. Talk to us!
Univ Hawaii
Operational support of UHDAS on vessels (reading daily automated status emails, install new UHDAS system on ship computers, upgrade existing UHDAS code base), ADCP data processing, troubleshooting datasets, linux system administration, some networking, python coding to improve the UHDAS code base...
Marine Technician - hiring soon!
Graduate School of Oceanography, URI
We will soon be hiring a Marine Technician to operate for the final days of RV Endeavor and support RV Narragansett Dawn as she is built and upon her delivery. Come speak to one of use for more information! Erich Greubel - Tech Manager, Bonny Clarke - Marine Tech, Lynne Butler - Marine Tech
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