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Postdoctoral Research Associate - Computational Systems Biology
Oak Ridge National Lab
We are seeking a Postdoctoral Research Associate who will support the Computational and Predictive Biology Group in the Biosciences Division (BSD), Biological and Environmental Systems Sciences (BESSD) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).
Postdoctoral Research Associate - Plant Systems Biology
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
The Biosciences Division ( of ORNL has an opening for a plant biologist (Postdoctoral Research Associate, Plant Systems Biology) to conduct basic research on plant genes and phenotypes that are foundational to developing sustainable biomass feedstocks.
Postdoc in field phenomics
Mcgill university
Come join our team and work on ground based a UAV phenomics of pulse crops using huperspectral and 3d imaging
Assistant Member and Principal Investigator
Donald Danforth Plant Science CEnter
PhD Student
Tennessee State University
Join ADAL (Advanced Digital Agirucluture Lab.) at Tennessee State University. We care studying multi-modal UAS (RGB, Multispectral, LiDAR, and Hyperspectral) based High-throughput Phenotyping (HTP) for agricultural applications, 2D/3D image-based indoor phenotyping with AI, and digital twins bridging the gap between genotype and phenotype.
Post Doctoral Research Scholar
North Carolina State University
We are seeking Postdoctoral Research Scholars to join a multidisciplinary team working in bioinformatics striving to implement fundamental changes in the applied breeding of specialty crops within the Department of Crop & Soil Sciences at North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina. Breeding of specialty crops has lagged behind the major crops, but these specialty species together have equal economic value to the major crops and provide much of human nutrition. Breeding Insight (BI; is a national-scale project striving to combine genomics, phenomics, and informatics to accelerate genetic gains in specialty crops. A partner effort called BI OnRamp led by Dr. Amanda Hulse-Kemp has been set up to streamline commodity-specific success and build new technologies; this position will be a primary leader in the BI OnRamp project and efforts. The position will work towards the development of integrated software pipelines to analyze large sets of breeding data and build technology platforms for phenotypic data collection as a part of a national initiative to extend the application of advanced breeding methods. For full job description see link.
Microbial biologist
The primary responsibilities of this role, Microbiology Molecular Biologist R&D Specialist III (Biologics), are:
Works on standard molecular biology workflows such as DNA extraction, quantification, microbiological workflow such as growing microbes in lab and CFU (Colony Forming Unit) estimation;
Designs, develops and implements in-vitro assays to study the interaction of beneficial microbes and microbial communities relevant to agriculturally relevant crops such as corn, soybean etc.;
Generates scientific data for Biologics development projects and commercial products;
Provides expertise in developing novel or improving implemented protocols for evaluating plant-microbe interactions focused on quantifying biological responses;
Implements in-vitro assays to validate specific modes of action of microbiological products;
Designs and implements methods for elucidating enzyme/metabolite activities of microbial origin;
Responsible for standard microbiological lab equipment specific to research expertise, including basic maintenance;
Makes oral and written reports/presentations on statistically valid data from assays to enable stakeholders to make appropriate decisions based on scientific results;
Works with internal and external service providers and outsourcing providers;
Contributes to the overall improvement of microbiology functional platforms, collaborates with other R&D functions, and participates in company-wide initiatives;
Manages lab equipment specific to research expertise, including maintenance.
Summer Internship
South Dakota State University
Internship Offers: Hands on experience in wheat breeding, genetics, and agronomy research. Projects include lab-, greenhouse, field-based, or a combination of lab-field. Get exposure to high throughput phenotyping using
handheld and drone mounted state of the art sensors.
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