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Crisis Response Clinician
City of Durham
This summer, the Durham Community Safety Department (DCSD) will be launching multiple alternative response pilots to a subset of 911 calls. Across all pilots, Crisis Response Clinicians will play an essential role in responding in-person to 911 calls for service by screening and assessing people experiencing mental and behavioral health, substance use, or Intellectual Developmental Disability crises, providing therapeutic interventions, and connecting people to community-based health resources and/or providers. They will join a department dedicated to enhancing and re-envisioning public safety through community-centered approaches to prevention and intervention that do not necessarily require a law enforcement response.

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Johnson County, KS Co-Responder
Johnson County Mental Health Center
Johnson County Mental Health Center (JCMHC) co-responder program started in 2011 and has grown exponentially in the last 10 years. The current team has 16.5 positions and is adding 3 more.

We are adding:
- 1 more co-responder to the City of Shawnee Police Department. The shift will be Wednesday - Saturday 2 pm - 12 am. This position is a self-dispatch style, so co-responder will drive themselves to CFS in a county car.

- 2 more co-responder to the City of Overland Park Police Department. The shift a available are Wednesday - Saturday 8 am - 6 pm or 2 pm - 12 am. This position is moving to be a behavioral health patrol and co-responders ride with dedicated CIT specialists.

Salary starts at $58,800 and is based off of experience.
Police Officer (Lateral or Entry)
City of Bainbridge Island Police Department
The Police Officer’s primary purpose is to maintain peace and order and to protect life and property through impartial enforcement of federal, state and local laws. Under the general supervision of the Chief of Police and/or an immediate supervisor, the police officer responds to requests for assistance, investigates criminal activity, apprehends criminals, and enforces laws and ordinances. Work is performed in accordance with departmental rules, regulations, and policies and normally consists of patrol, preliminary investigation, and traffic enforcement duties.

Read about the City’s $5,000 hiring incentive for qualified lateral candidates.
Sworn Police Officer
Town of Chapel Hill - Police Department
Perform a variety of law enforcement duties such as responding to calls for service, enforcing traffic and criminal laws; and conducting high visibility patrols.

May perform investigations; conduct interviews; process crime scenes; and collect evidence

May perform community policing activities.

May perform specialized assignments such as quartermaster, career progression, community services, forensics and evidence, special events coordination and school resources.

Performs other duties as required
Clinical Supervisor Philadelphia, PA
As a member of the Crisis Intervention Response Team (CIRT), the Clinical Supervisor oversees the activities of the Crisis Intervention Response Team (CIRT) and Outreach Team (CIRT-OT) services within the Philadelphia Police Regional Operations Command (ROC) South. This individual also provides clinical and operational supervision to Mental Health Professionals (MHP), Outreach
Specialists (OS), and Certified Peer/Recovery Specialists (CPS
Philadelphia Co-Responder
As a member of the Crisis Intervention Response Team (CIRT), the Co-Responder (CR) accompanies the Philadelphia Police Department in responding to police dispatches related to mental health crises. After the police have secured the scene, the CR works with individuals and their community supports to assess and de-escalate a crisis, determine the level of care necessary to meet the individual’s needs, develop alternatives to involuntary hospitalization through conducting assessments, treatment planning, counseling, and coordination of community care linkages and discharge process. The CR coordinates the involuntary hospitalization process in situations where individuals present as dangerous to themselves or others. The CR acts as an advocate and represents the needs and rights of persons served with outside social service agencies, and families.
Behavioral Health Specialist II, Mobile Crisis Assessment Team (MCAT)
Deschutes County Behavioral Health- Stabilization Center
Come work in BEAUTIFUL Bend, Oregon! Deschutes County is accepting applications for a Behavioral Health Specialist II - Mobile Crisis Assessment Team (MCAT) member. This position will provide community based assessment and crisis intervention on the phone and face-to-face, in a variety of settings including medical facilities, jails, hospitals, the community, and office settings. The incumbent will provide hospital liaison/coordination to children, adults, and seniors. This position is designed to provide services in conjunction with emergency first responders such as law enforcement, medical facilities, and family members for people in crisis.

This is a full-time position with a unique schedule working in several 24-hour shifts (including some Nights, evenings, weekends, and holidays) with multiple days off following. The position works from home responding to calls but can work in the office if preferred. Each shift rotates primary day shift, primary night shift, and float position that supports both. Successful candidates are required to live within a geographic proximity that will allow a timely response to emergency situations in multiple locations. This is defined as living in the Bend or Redmond areas and within 30 minutes of St. Charles and Redmond hospitals/medical centers. The requirement remains in effect for the duration of employment in this position.

Behavioral Health Co-Responder Clinician
City of Boulder
$81,712.80 - $99,871.20 Annually

Crisis Intervention Response Team (CIRT) clinicians are part of the City of Boulder CIRT co-responder team, which consists of five behavioral health clinicians, one case manager, and a supervisor. CIRT pairs behavioral health clinicians with police officers in responding to calls involving unmet behavioral health needs.

The goals of the CIRT Program are:

1. Increase safety for individuals and the community by safely de-escalating behavioral health crisis situations in partnership with responding officers.

2. Improve health outcomes and better utilize resources by diverting at-risk community members from the criminal justice system, unnecessary hospitalization, and toward behavioral health treatment.

3. Improve health outcomes and reduce future crisis situations by connecting community members with ongoing behavioral health treatment in the community in the least restrictive environment.

4. Reduce disparities in people engaging in co-responder program and access to behavioral health treatment.

5. Enhance a culture of police-behavioral health collaboration with a focus on community need.

6. Improve community understanding of behavioral health needs, and improved response, through data collection and evaluation.

CIRT clinicians manage crisis intervention, de-escalation, and referral to treatment at the scene of police contact. Clinicians help to stabilize people in the least restrictive setting possible and prevent hospitalization whenever possible. CIRT clinicians collaborate with the case manager for follow-up with community members to connect them with resources and behavioral health treatment after the crisis has concluded. The primary focus of co-responder clinician work is crisis intervention conducted in community settings such as businesses, homes, public spaces, and a variety of other non-profit or other social safety net sites.
Mobile Crisis Response Clinician
Johnson County Mental Health Center
Our Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCRT) at Johnson County Mental Health is made up of 2 clinicians and 5 case managers. MCRT works with citizens who are in crisis but not currently clients of JCMHC. The goals of MCRT include ensuring the emergent mental health needs of Johnson County residents are met, resolving emergency situations by providing brief and intensive services, reducing clients’ needs for hospitalization and law enforcement interaction when possible, and supporting client connection to services including but not limited to mental health care. MCRT often partners with officers, but is able to outreach without officers as well.

This position is Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm.

Salary starts at $58,800 and is based off of experience.
Mobile Jail Diversion Coordinator
North Suffolk Mental Health Association
North Suffolk is looking for a Clinician to join our Emergency Services team! The Jail Diversion Clinician (Co-Responding Mobile Coordinator) works directly with the Chelsea Police Department and will ride along with Chelsea Police Officers in order to directly engage with clients in the community in need of acute psychiatric care. You will provide direct emergency psychiatric clinical services to youth and their families along with coordination and consultation to other care providers . This position also provides prescreening evaluations for information and referral purposes and communicates ongoing needs of youth and families back to the emergency services team to coordinate and execute follow up. This position is part of an emergency services team providing continuity of care to all clients, children and families, adults, and allied services. This is an on-site position in Chelsea, with the expectation of mobile response and co response with the Chelsea Police Department.
Behavioral Health Specialist (Co-Responder)
Round Rock Fire Department
The Behavioral Health Specialist is responsible for responding to highly confidential, sensitive and/or life-threatening situations involving behavioral health crises. This position provides interventions and clinical techniques to resolve immediate and critical situations, de-escalation techniques, field-based health assessments, and client(s) advocacy. This position coordinates patient care with hospitals, law enforcement, the jail, and outpatient providers.

Examples of Duties
First responder to clients in behavioral health emergencies including suicidal or homicidal ideation, psychosis and substance use disorders with a focus on diversion from jail and emergency rooms.

Utilizes verbal de-escalation strategies with individuals/families/community partners in crisis situations both in person or over the phone, in a variety of settings in the field, alone or with other community partners. Assess for relevant safety and risk factors to ensure safety of all parties on scene.

Complete field-based behavioral health assessment for child, adolescent, adult, and geriatric aged individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis such as suicidality, homicidality, psychosis, functional impairment and/or substance disorders in coordination with public safety personnel and community partners.

Advocates for and coordinates care/services/treatment for individuals and/or families with medical hospitals, inpatient and outpatient psychiatric and substance use treatment facilities, programs, and providers, social services, law enforcement, community health paramedics, correctional facilities, and an array of social services. May provide payment for emergency assistance rendered to clients as needed.

Establish and maintain partnerships with other organizations to assist in providing comprehensive treatment for all clients. Agencies may include treatment facilities, medical providers, peer support specialists, and other harm reduction agencies.

Crisis Therapist
Pawnee Mental Health
Our crisis therapists do assessments for a 10 county area, shift work through our 24/7 crisis stabilization unit and respond to co responder calls.
Jail Based Therapist
Pawnee Mental Health
New program working with clients entering and discharging from corrections back to the community.
Police Officer
Spokane Police
Performs general duty police work in the enforcement of laws and ordinances. Duties are routine within prescribed limits but do require exercising independent judgment in emergencies. Inattention, carelessness or lack of judgment or prudence in the performance of regular duties may cause serious embarrassment to the City or danger to the citizenry. Employee has regular outside public contacts of a law enforcement nature.   Duties require considerable walking or riding, may be performed under conditions which involve frequent exposure to hazards which may result in bodily injury or death and require normal attention to prevent errors. Employee may be assigned to shift work and may work other than a normal work week.
Co-Responder- Western Colorado
The Center for Mental Health/Axis Health System
Come work on Colorado's beautiful Western Slope. If you love to explore the Great Outdoors, Montrose is the community for you. Montrose is centrally located between Telluride, Moab, and the Grand Valley, and only 4 hours from Denver.

This position offers a flexible work schedule and a generous PTO package.

Co-response works directly with law enforcement agencies to perform clinical functions. Responds with law enforcement to 911 calls in the community to conduct a crisis assessment, intervene, and disposition calls in the least restrictive setting.


Licensed in the State of Colorado and two years of crisis experience or equivalent.Unlicensed welcome to apply. Veterans welcome.

Sign-on bonus of 5% of accepted annualized base compensation available

Eligible for Relocation Reimbursement up to 5% of accepted annualized base compensation

***The Center is Merging with Axis Health System July 1. If you need to contact us after July 1, call phone number provided or check the Axis Health System website.
Chelan County Outreach Case Manager - Diversion/Behavioral Health Unit
Chelan County
This position will have responsibility for providing direct hospital diversion, jail diversion, and acute crisis services Chelan County. The Diversion/Behavioral Health Unit Outreach Case Manager will have primary responsibility for face-to-face mental health diversion screenings, interventions, transitional case management, and assessments in addition to specific law enforcement second- responder duties.

Provides outreach services to individuals experiencing acute emotional crises, with the goal to diverting the individual from incarceration or hospitalization into the least restrictive setting possible and conducts assessments across systems to determine eligibility for diversion into safe and appropriate treatment options. When appropriate, coordinates requests for evaluation under the Involuntary Treatment Act and appropriately utilizes crisis intervention techniques for individual and community stabilization.

Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences, Masters Degree preferred

Or can substitute relevant/equivalent experience on a year for year basis
Mobile Crisis Clinician
Aspen Hope Center
The Aspen Hope Center is a nonprofit crisis agency located in Basalt, CO which is 20 minutes outside of Aspen! We are hiring for a Mobile Crisis Clinician who is committed to serving those in need of additional support during an emotional crisis. The role of a crisis clinician at the Hope Center goes far beyond assessment of suicidality, homicidality, or grave disability; clinicians are trained to manage a crisis on any scene.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Aspen Hope Center Crisis Clinicians are responsible for making sure each caller is treated with compassion and time is taken to determine the appropriate course of treatment.

Full time clinicians work 3 on call shifts throughout the week
Responds on scene for fatality response
Conducts mental health crisis evaluations in office or on site (scene response should be within 30 to 60 minutes)
Assesses for clients safety to themselves and to others
Initiates M-1 for involuntary treatment only when necessary
Able to work beyond the initial crisis and continue to work collaboratively for days or weeks. This includes contact by phone and/or in person
Will establish and maintain strong inter-agency relationships, including local mental health professionals, human service agencies and psychiatric facilities throughout the state.
Responds on scene when dispatched by the Colorado Crisis Line
Responds on scene with law enforcement, firefighters, EMSA, or any other first responder agency
Responds to our local emergency departments

Full Time Status Description:

A full-time Aspen Hope Center Crisis Clinician is salaried for 72 hours on call each week (3 24 hour shifts) where they take calls, provide assessments, triage clients, follow up with previous clients and conduct any other AHC business required. You will be working with a team of crisis clinicians and therapists.

Co-Responder: Mental Health Clinician II
Frontier Behavioral Health
Co-Responders (or Co-Deployed) is a team of mental health professionals and first responders (Spokane Fire Department, Spokane Police Department, and the Sheriff’s Office) who provide immediate intervention and stabilization services to individuals with mental health and substance use disorders. Services are provided to individuals and families of all ages. The primary goals of the co-responder teams are to divert individuals from jail, emergency departments, and inpatient psychiatric treatment.

This team provides rapid response and can help with:

Assessment services

Crisis intervention


Supportive counseling


The Team will respond to any calls received by the officer, deputy, or paramedic they are assigned to for the day. They will, using Motivational Interviewing, provide rapid response, assessment services, crisis intervention, engagement, supportive counseling, information and referral, linkage to requested/necessary resources, and appropriate community-based mental health and chemical dependency services for ongoing treatment and follow-up to individuals and families of all ages in community-based settings. The teamwork a modified shift based on the officer, deputy, or paramedic’s schedule.
Youth Community Response Team Clincian
Douglas County Community Response Team
The Douglas County Mental Health Initiative, located in Lone Tree, CO is seeking a licensed clinician for our Community Response Team, as a co-responder with law enforcement. This is an incredible opportunity to join our expert team of behavioral health professionals and first responders with the now nationally acclaimed CRT of Douglas County.

The Community Response Team clinician is a 40-hours/week crisis position, working alongside a law enforcement partner and case-manager serving Douglas County, providing emergency response to individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis in community-based settings. We offer a great opportunity to gain diagnostic, clinical, and crisis intervention skills as well as to work in innovative and fast-paced environment.

Community Response Team Case Manager
Douglas County Community Response Team
Douglas County Mental Health Initiative, located in Lone Tree, Parker, and Castle Rock, CO is seeking case-managers for our Lone Tree Community Response Team. We are offering a great opportunity to join our expert team of behavioral health professionals and first responders! Community Response Team is 40 hours/week crisis intervention program that serves Douglas County and provides an emergency response to individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis in community-based settings. We offer a great opportunity to gain diagnostic, clinical, and crisis intervention skills as well as to work in innovative and face-paced environment.
Director of Crisis Response
Aspen Hope Center
The Aspen Hope Center is a private non-profit organization that is located in the beautiful Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado. The Aspen Hope Center has been established since 2010 and was opened with a 24-hour Hope Line, mobile crisis and co-response team, and intensive stabilization program. Our agency was the first of its kind in the state of Colorado. With growth and continual requests for services in new areas, the Director of Crisis Response position has been created. This is a new position that will require, energy, passion for crisis work, dedication to the agency’s mission, exceptional organizational skills and vision. This position is NOT remote.

The Director of Crisis Response oversees all mobile crisis operations for the agency. The Aspen Hope Center has a footprint that covers Aspen (Pitkin County), all the way to Glenwood Springs and into greater Garfield County (down to Parachute). The director would be responsible for maintaining relationships with partners and overseeing contracts that are in place with Rocky Mountain Health Plan, Grand River Hospital, all first response agencies, as well as local governmental agencies.

The Director of Crisis Response would also be responsible for facilitating staff meetings, supervising staff when needed and overseeing the crisis schedule for both teams. On call, after hours admin staffing, would rotate between several staff members and the director would be one of them.

Requirements and Credentials:
• Ph.D. or master’s degree in counseling, clinical psychology, social work or related field
• Colorado state license required
• Minimum of seven years of experience in counseling related role with work in crisis or trauma assessment
• Three to five years supervisory experience or management experienced required
Mental Health Clinician- CoResponder
North Range Behavioral Health
North Range Behavioral Health and multiple Police Departments within Weld County have partnered together to create the Co-Responder program. This collaborative team will align and embed behavioral health staff to each respective police department, allowing for a behavioral health specialist to respond on scene in the community with public safety officers. A full-time Mental Health Clinician is assigned to the team and scheduled in identified peak times for behavioral health calls.
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