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Postdoctoral Researcher in Evolutionary Computation
University of Adelaide
2 year Postdoc position in Evolutionary Computation available. Project is focussed on computing sets of high quality solution for combinatorial optimization problems using evolutionary computing. Theoretical and/or applied EC background and strong publication track record at conferences such as GECCO, FOGA, PPSN, AAAI, IJCAI required.
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Research fellow position in Big Data/Machine Learning at the University of Parma, Italy
Department of Engineering and Architecture, University of Parma
We seek candidates for a one-year position starting in early September, 2020, to support research on big data for machine learning-based predictive maintenance, within the regional project SUPER (Supercomputing Emilia-Romagna). Gross salary about 2,000 Euros/month.
The ideal candidate has previous experience in soft computing, machine learning and pattern recognition. Research will be carried out within the Ibis (Intelligent Bio-inspired Systems) and SoWide (Social Web, Intelligent and Distributed Systems) Laboratories (Profs. Cagnoni, Mordonini, Poggi, Tomaiuolo). For more information, send an email to Prof. Stefano Cagnoni (
Postdoc in DNNs, EC and Complex Systems
Kyushu University
Position for 1 year Postdoc in Deep Neural Networks, Evolutionary Computation and Complex Systems. The project aims to build robust and adaptive intelligent systems to both resist attacks (such as the one pixel attack) and be able to continue learning despite changes in the underlying problem (see [a] novelty-organizing classifiers in dynamic environments and [b] SyncMap). We are more interested in developing completely new paradigms than improving our previous ones. Strong publication track record at conferences (CVPR, NIPS, ICLR, IJCAI, AAAI, GECCO) and/or high impact journals are required.
Researcher on software engineering
Mondragon University
We are seeking a lecturer and a researcher to work in exciting projects (both European (e.g. ADEPTNESS project ( and in collaboration with industry). These projects include research on both search-based software engineering and artificial intelligence techniques. If the candidate is interesting, teaching can also be done, but not necessary.
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Postdoctoral position on interactive evolution
IRIT, University of Toulouse
We are looking for candidates for a postdoctoral position on interactive evolution for pixel-based environments. Using Cartesian Genetic Programming as a base, we aim to use evolution to construct different components of a game-playing agent. Evolution will be guided by human interaction and the different levels of abstraction used by CGP will be determined by a human expert. This postdoctoral position is funded for 12-14 months and will take place in Toulouse, France in the IRIT lab.
Robotics Researcher Position - Privacy, Security and Safety
Universty of Oslo
The goal of the position is to develop knowledge about and technology for reducing vulnerabilities regarding robotics. The focus will be on privacy, security and safety, particularly in healthcare contexts. The scope will be dependent on the background of the recruited candidate, but with a planned main focus within either robot sensing with regards to privacy, machine ethics for robot security, or motion preferences for robot safety. The position is a part of the Research Council of Norway funded project Vulnerability in the Robot Society (VIROS, 2019-2023) see ). The project is a cross-disciplinary collaboration between the Department of Private Law and Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo and some other departments and partners. Its aims at developing technology and proposals for regulatory measures to reduce vulnerabilities regarding robotics. Transparent and explainable systems can also be relevant. The technology for sensing, design and control within robotics should be relevant to reducing vulnerabilities within healthcare contexts.

The Researcher position will be for a period of three years, but with the possibility of an extension of the employment period if additional external funding becomes available.

Qualifications: Applicants must have a PhD degree or other education equivalent to a Norwegian doctoral degree in computer science including robotics and machine learning/artificial intelligence (other degrees would be considered if qualifications match). Thus, applicants should have a strong background in programming, robotics and machine learning/artificial intelligence.

Pay grade (depending on qualifications and seniority): NOK 523 200 – 640 200 per year, approx.: €49,350 − 60,400 / $56,250 − 68,840
PostDoc position for project Optimization4SystemsBiology
Sorbonne University
PostDoc position for a joint project between Sorbonne University and Pasteur Institute on optimization methods for Systems Biology. No biology background needed, but interest in the topic beyond pure optimization is required to make this a successful and fun collaboration.

Position is for 12 months, extension possible.

Please contact me by email at if you want to know more about the project.
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PhD/postdoc/scientific programmer for SBSE in Autonomous Driving Systems
National Institute of Informatics
Investigate application of evolutionary techniques for design, testing, and repair (i.e., SBSE) of cyber-physical systems, especially autonomous driving systems, through collaboration with the industry.
Fuyuki Ishikawa and Paolo Arcaini
University of Coimbra, CISUC, DEI
If you have recently finished your PhD and are looking forward to pursuing a researcher career this may be of interest to you. An international tender to fulfil 2 Junior Researcher positions is open until the 20th of August 2020. My group would be particularly interested in applicants with a background on Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Computation and Computational Creativity.

More formally, we are looking for a young PhD with stellar research track record and having been involved in R&D projects. The successful candidate should be able to integrate CISUC’s team, performing relevant research in one (or more) of its key research streams, namely: RISE — Resilient Software and Internet Systems; IS — Intelligent Systems and HCC — Human Centric Computing.

The stated position will be held under a public service employment contract with a length of three-years, which may be renewed for periods of one year up to a maximum of 6 years.

For further information please consult or send an email to
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