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Postdoctoral fellow
Postdoctoral fellowship position investigating the genetics and genomics of neurodegenerative diseases. Based at the Laboratory of Neurogenetics and the Center for Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias on the NIH intramural campus just outside of Washington DC. Reach out to me for details.
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Postdoc/PhD students - Data Science & Parkinson’s Genetics
QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute
We are looking for a postdoctoral fellow to come work with us. The appointee will lead data analysis projects involving the Australian Parkinson’s Genetics Study (APGS). APGS aims to help crack the genetic code of Parkinson’s disease. We are building a nationwide dataset of participant reported outcomes from 10,000 Australians with Parkinson’s disease and 10,000 controls. We are part of GP2, and have a deep expertise in statistical and computational genetics applied to complex traits and diseases.

Requirements: Solid background in genetics, statistics, and/or epidemiology. Skilled programmer in R/Python (required) and some experience/exposure/understanding of parallel computing, computing clusters or cloud computing (desirable). Experience with GWAS and post-GWAS analysis, Parkinson’s Genetics, and a strong publication record are a bonus.

Please reach out to discuss this opportunity further.
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Postdoctoral Fellow - Computational Biology (microbiome), Parkinson's Disease
As part of a long-standing collaboration, MJFF is supporting a postdoc as part of 23andMe's postdoc program to work on analyses of microbiome and possibly other data on Parkinson's disease. Please review the position via the weblink (where you can also apply). Feel free to email me (Brian Fiske at MJFF) if want a bit more information although MJFF is not making the postdoc hiring decisions for 23andMe.
Statistical geneticist
StatGen contractor. MS or PhD level. GP2 plus AD and related dementias focused analyst.

Come find Mike, Hirotaka and Hampton in Madrid if interested.
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PD Genetics - clinical genomics
Parkinson’s Foundation
We are looking to hire a PhD or someone with significant background in genetics (eg certified genetic counselor) to primarily manage the gene/variant curation efforts of the PD GCEP and newly formed PD VCEP ( Also, will be supporting the PD GENEration efforts at PF.

Position can be remote but does need US working docs.

Will have full posting on PF website soon (Tuesday?). (

Feel free to find me (Jim Beck) or reach out with questions.
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Bioinformatics/long-read sequencing - post-doc and research technician
Bioinformatics/long-read sequencing - post-doc and research technician. Working on a range of neurodegenerative disorders from Alzheimer's disease, PD, FTD through to familial ataxia with John Hardy, Mina Ryten and Henry Houlden
Postdoctoral position in the neural origins of pain processing in Parkinson’s disease using fMRI
CRIUGM, Université de Montréal
The laboratories of Oury Monchi (PCAN) and Pierre Rainville (LaNeP3) are looking for a Postdoctoral Fellow with prior training in neuroimaging. The successful candidate will work on a project that aims to characterize pain processing in patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD) with and without pain using clinical, behavioural, physiological, and neuroimaging data.
The project aims to explore how PD might alter neural processes underlying pain perception and pain modulation by expectation in PD patients with and without chronic pain.
The desired candidate is a motivated individual willing to work in a highly collaborative and multidisciplinary environment. Specific tasks will involve developing a pain fMRI protocol (using a thermal stimulator) and acquiring/analyzing data in the study populations. The candidate will also work on multi-modal neuroimaging (anatomical and functional MRI) analyses using data from a longitudinal study investigating the evolution cognitive and neuropsychiatric deficits in Parkinson’s disease (from the PCAN lab). Finally, they will also work on an available data set on pain and aging in healthy participants (from the LaNeP3 lab).
Education and experience requirements:
● Person with a PhD or about to finish a PhD
● Prior training in affective, behavioral, cognitive or clinical neuroscience
● Prior experience in experimental or clinical research with human participants
● Experience in functional MRI acquisition and analysis
● Team player and excellent organizational, interpersonal and communication skills
Start, duration, and salary:
The position is available immediately and is based the Centre de Recherche de l’Institut Universitaire de Gériatrie de Montréal (CRIUGM). Funding is available for 2 years, but selected candidates are expected to apply for external bursaries.
To apply:
Please send a cover letter stating your research interests and experience, along with a CV and the contact information for two references to
PhD student NEUROCOV
Vacancy for a PhD student NEUROCOV. EU project with 10 parties of 7 countries, entitled
The pandemic within: tackling brain vulnerability in COVID-19 at high resolution.

The new research project will focus on the interplay between the nervous tissue and the immune/inflammatory response triggered by SARS-CoV-2 infection. We want to contribute to understanding selective vulnerability and disease mechanisms in the brain of patients with LongCOVID, especially the cross-talk between the immune system and neuronal function. We will study the fate of affected neurons using high-end microscopic and molecular techniques.
Postdoctoral Positions in Parkinson’s Disease: Multi-omics
Washington University in St. Louis
The Cruchaga lab at Washington University School of Medicine is recruiting multiple Postdoctoral Research Scientists. The NGI generates and analyzes Whole-Genome Sequencing data and high-throughput, multi-dimensional -omic data to study neurodegeneration and diseases of the central nervous system, with an emphasis on Alzheimer disease, Parkinson’s disease, and other dementias. The ultimate goal of the NGI is to understand the biology of these diseases, to define novel biomarkers, and to identify novel therapeutic targets. The Washington University School of Medicine is renowned for its research cohorts of neurodegenerative disorders, which include clinical, neuroimaging, and fluid biomarker phenotypes.

We have recently received several NIH R01 awards to generate and analyze large WGS, as well as multi-tssue (brain, CSF and plasma) multiomics (transcriptomics, proteimics and metabolomics) datasets for both familial Parkinson Disease and sporadic early-onset cases. We are seeking highly motivated researchers with strong analytical skills, especially in genetics, multiomics and machine learning to lead the analyses for these projects. The new postdoc(s) will join a large team, currently 30+ members, which is led by three faculty members, four postdocs, several PhD students, and three senior scientists.
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