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Principal Scientist
ProteinQure Inc.
We’re looking for a Principal Scientist to join our our wet lab experimental team in Toronto (Canada). You should think about joining us if you want to employ state-of-the-art techniques for leading our pre-clinical program. Working with our diverse multi-disciplinary team, you will drive strategic direction for end-to-end program prosecution and in house assays. Our lab is in downtown Toronto (MaRS Discovery District) and this will be a laboratory/office role.
Research Associate
ProteinQure Inc.
ProteinQure’s corporate mission is to develop novel technologies that will enable the development of novel therapeutics that address unmet medical need. We are currently looking for a research associate to join our wet lab experimental team in Toronto, Canada. The ideal candidate will have an interest in performing a variety of responsibilities in experimental operations for the R&D department. We are located in downtown Toronto (119 Spadina) and this will be a laboratory/office role.
postdoctoral position
University of British Columbia
There is a postdoctoral position available in the Perrin lab at UBC. Project involves development of peptide conjugates to both chelators and trifluoroborates that can be radiolabeled with fluoride-18 and with radiometals for use as theranostics. Candidate should have a strong record in peptide design. Experience in radiolabelling would be valued. Send email to
Research Scientist
SRI International
The Biosciences Division at SRI International has an opening for a peptide chemist in the Center for Macromolecular Bioscience in Harrisonburg, VA. We are seeking a motivated scientist driven to contribute intellectually in a dynamic team environment and have a desire to participate in therapeutic discovery efforts with an emphasis on developing new platform technologies.

The SRI Harrisonburg site focuses on the development of novel platform technologies that enable cell-specific intracellular delivery of biological cargos. Based on this technology, we are actively pursuing novel therapeutics in oncology, neuroscience, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

SRI International is an independent, nonprofit research center that takes the most advanced R&D from the laboratory to the real world. For more than 70 years, we’ve led the discovery and design of ground-breaking products, technologies, and industries – from the computer mouse, Siri and online banking to medical ultrasound, robotic surgery, cancer treatments, and much more.

At SRI, we push innovation to new levels, solve the impossible, and invent solutions that create long-lasting value for the world. We take pride in our long history of innovation, and we foster an environment that nurtures and rewards our employees’ passion to make a difference in the future. We’re driven to take the boldest ideas and turn them into reality. SRI employees work in collaborative teams with people who share a commitment to tackling difficult challenges and important needs in society. Our culture is built on respect, curiosity, empowering champions, and a shared drive to excel. At SRI, we’re inventing a better future together.

Senior Scientist, Principal Scientist or Director based on experience

1. Lead a team of R&D scientists to complete all kinds of challenging peptide synthesis projects

2. Lead the communication with our global clients including big pharma and biotech to expedite their molecules to the next milestone

3. Work with the business development and marketing teams to communicate with potential customers

4. Member of leadership team in site operation


1. Ph.D. degree in peptide synthesis and relevant majors

2. Experience in both peptide and organic synthesis is preferable

3. Experience in the process development is preferable

4. Excellent communication and leadership skills
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Computational Structural Biologist
ProteinQure combines computational biophysical models with statistical and machine learning approaches to enable us to search across vast spaces of protein therapeutics.
We’re looking for a Computational structural biologist to join our team in Toronto (Canada).

We encourage you to apply if you enjoy working in a multi-disciplinary team, developing new workflows or methods, and want to employ state-of-the-art techniques for discovering structure-guided insights into protein function and peptide therapeutic design.
Senior Scientist, Cyclic Peptide Drug Discovery
Merck & Co.
Driving the execution and expansion of the mRNA-display platform at Merck to accelerate delivery of high quality cyclic peptides for therapeutics, tools and reagents.

Merck has multiple positions available. Individual(s) should have hands-on peptide discovery training (in academia or industry), preferably with mRNA-display or phage display expertise. Further, they will have a proven track record of driving the science at the bench.

Individual(s) will further cyclic peptide screening and maturation efforts, conceiving, developing and implementing innovative Workflows for mRNA-Display and informatics analysis.

Individuals will be joining the Screening & Compound Profiling group where we leverage cutting edge methodologies/technologies to discover small molecule, cyclic peptide and degrader drug leads for all therapeutic areas.

Please reach out to me for more details!!
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Scientist II / Senior Scientist
Nimble Therapeutics
We are looking for a Scientist II/Sr. Scientist with a chemistry/biochemistry background to join our cross-functional team. This role participates in and/or leads multiple peptide therapeutic development projects. Scientist II/Sr. Scientists at Nimble Therapeutics conduct independent research, solve technical challenges, and apply advanced scientific knowledge to projects and experiments.

The ideal candidate will be a collaborative communicator and creative problem-solver. Requirements for the role include:

- PhD in Chemistry (or related field)
- 0 to 3 years of experience (post-doc or industry)
- Success designing and optimizing small molecule or peptide therapeutics
- Experience performing assays to evaluate candidate therapeutics
- Strong data analysis skills
- A track record of demonstrated success through peer-reviewed publication
- Experience with peptide synthesis, programming, and statistics are a plus

Nimble Therapeutics values different perspectives and unique ways of thinking and encourage our team members to bring their “whole self” to work. Candidates from underrepresented backgrounds are especially encouraged to apply.

To apply, send your CV to
Senior Scientist, Biochemistry
Merck & Co.
Looking for a talented biochemist to deliver high-quality, pre-clinical leads for all therapeutic areas by employing a combination of scientific tools and methodologies, including but not limited to functional and binding assay development, HTS, compound profiling to elucidate SAR and mechanism of action studies.

The ideal candidate will have extensive laboratory experience and knowledge in biochemistry, enzymology, assay development and/or mechanism of action studies. Experience in enzymology using steady-state, pre-steady state and mechanism of action studies to fully characterize target-ligand interactions is preferred.

Your role will synergize with existing state of the art screening capabilities to expand our ability to interrogate novel chemical matter and drive our discovery programs. You will have the opportunity to work independently and proactively collaborate with colleagues across Quantitative Biosciences, Discovery Chemistry, IT and therapeutic areas.

Please reach out to chat/discuss!
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Postdoctoral scholar
University of Pennsylvania
Seeking a postdoc for a joint appointment with the Rhoades lab on an NIH funded project studying PTMs in the Parkinson's disease protein alpha-synuclein using semi-synthesis, single molecule biophysics, and cell biology. Experience in imaging and/or cell biology a plus.
Postdoctoral scholar
University of Pennsylvania
Seeking a postdoc to work on NSF funded projects employing thioamide modifications of peptides, including 1) making stabilized peptides for in vivo imaging, and 2) studying their role in natural proteins through semi-synthesis. Structural biology experience a plus.
Tenure Track Faculty in Medicinal Chemistry
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
The Department of Medicinal Chemistry at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (New Brunswick/Piscataway Campus) invites applications for a tenure-track faculty position at either the assistant or associate professor level in Medicinal Chemistry. Well-qualified candidates with current research support are encouraged to apply for the position.
Research Scientist
Bachem Americas
Your Responsibilities

The Research and Development Scientist will conduct basic research associated with the synthesis of peptides. He/she will evaluate new reagents and processes applied to the synthesis of peptides and will also evaluate new approaches to the purification of peptides. He/she will assist the production department in identifying impurities generated during production of peptide APL. With his/her in-depth knowledge of peptide chemistry he/she will identify mechanism associated with the formation of these impurities, and conduct experiments to support their identity. He/she will utilize appropriate analytical techniques to confirm the identities of proposed impurities structure; and will have the responsibility for preparing reports describing the work executed, and the conclusion of the project assigned.

Your Tasks
· Executed research projects in the field of peptide chemistry, including but not limited to SPPS, purification, and isolation of peptides
· Design and execute projects associated with the characterization of peptide impurities
· Produce analytical amounts of proposed chemical impurities

Your Profile

· Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry or Biochemistry or
· Master’s Degree in Organic Chemistry or Biochemistry with at least 3 years’ experience
· High competence in new trends and emerging technologies in the field of peptide chemistry
· Experience in different analytical HPLC technique, with extensive experience in RP-HPLC
· In depth understanding of MS spectroscopy applied to peptide analysis
· Understanding of general NMR principle {1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, 2D-NMR) and NMR data interpretation
· Experience in organic chemistry
· Excellent written and oral communication skills
· Detail oriented with the ability to troubleshoot and resolve problems
· Ability to work independently and manage one’s time
· Communicate effectively and ability to function well in a team.
Manager, Method Development & Validation, Quality Control
Bachem Americas
Manages development and validation of analytical methods for early and late stage Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (mainly peptides).


Maintain and coordinate the operation of the MDV department in coordination with client/company/regulatory goals. This includes prioritizing work for development/validation with the MDV personnel on a regular basis
Review laboratory notebooks, raw data, development/summary reports, protocols and operational SOPs as necessary
Oversee the execution of method development and validation activities and ensure adherence to GMPs and any other regulatory guidelines including ICH
Meet with internal and external customers to ensure their goals are met and the methods and data are delivered to them on mutually agreed upon turnaround time
Maintain up-to-date scientific knowledge pertaining to the field of analytical chemistry (e.g. theories, practices, equipment and technology), as well as regulatory requirements


Ph.D. in Chemistry, Biochemistry or related field with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in peptide/small molecule analytical chemistry or
Master’s Degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry or related field with a minimum of 7 years’ experience in peptide/small molecule analytical chemistry or
Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry or related field with a minimum of 9 years’ experience in peptide/small molecule analytical chemistry
Broad knowledge of modern analytical chemistry
Hands-on experience with HPLC/UHPLC, IC, GC, LC-MS
Experience with Method Development
Experience writing SOPs and technical reports
Prior supervisory and project management experience
Excellent written and oral communication skills
Ability to effectively organize, prioritize, and work in a fast-paced, deadline driven work environment
Ability to communicate in a proactive and solution-focused manner, including keeping management aware of potential issues
Detail oriented with ability to troubleshoot and resolve problems
Senior Research Associate, Chemistry
Flagship Labs 83, Inc.
Are you a highly motivated Research Associate or Senior Research Associate interested in using synthetic chemical approaches to develop impactful new medicines? If so, FL83 is looking for you! We seek a creative and fearless individual to join our company as part of the founding scientific team. The candidate will execute and develop novel chemistries and automation technologies for a new class of macromolecular medicines called Artificial BiologicsTM. Their responsibilities will include contributing to various research projects, executing laboratory experiments, and analyzing and reporting results. Please apply if you are eager to explore Artificial BiologicsTM and excited to join a dynamic team.

Key responsibilities:

Apply chemical synthesis and automation technologies to synthesize new macromolecules

Purify and analyze macromolecules using modern instrumentation

Evaluate macromolecular properties using various biophysical and functional assays

Troubleshoot challenging technical, experimental, and instrumental issues

Meticulously record and analyze data

Prepare and maintain laboratory reagents and instruments

Regularly summarize progress of work in oral and written format


BS or MS degree or equivalent experience in chemistry, chemical engineering, biochemistry, or related field

May have experience in organic synthesis including solid-phase peptide synthesis

May have experience in reaction design, optimization, and automation

May have experience in recombinant protein expression and purification

May have experience in LCMS, HPLC, FPLC, UV-VIS, NMR, FT-IR, CD, or related techniques

May have experience measuring binding protein kinetics using ELISA, SPR or related instrumentation

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Enthusiasm, independence, and a willingness to learn in a fast-paced, team environment

Committed to working collaboratively with an interdisciplinary team.
Senior Scientist, Computational Protein Design
Flagship Labs 83, Inc.
Flagship Labs 83 is looking for a creative and motivated Computational Protein Design Scientist or Senior Scientist to establish our Artificial BiologicsTM Computational Protein Design team. As part of the early scientific team, this individual will be instrumental in building the Computational Protein Design platform, using data-driven approaches to tackle Artificial BiologicsTM design challenges and develop impactful new medicines. The ideal candidate will have experience applying state-of-the-art machine learning and computational methods to design novel peptides and proteins such as structure modeling and prediction, structure library generation, molecular docking, and multi-parameter molecular property optimization. A successful candidate will be an excellent collaborator working closely with our Platform Development and Biology teams to implement and execute rapid design-build-test cycles and optimized methods.


Develop and implement a novel computational design platform for predicting the properties of peptides, proteins, and unnatural biopolymers using state-of-the-art computational modeling and machine learning approaches

Design new macromolecular therapeutics using rational protein engineering methods, and employ these in silico predictions to iteratively guide the experimental chemistry team

Discover new sequence/structure-function relationships and macromolecular design principles by leveraging large experimental datasets and streamlining their analysis

Analyze, interpret, document and present data to scientific and leadership team

Contribute to ongoing innovation within the company through the introduction of the most recent trends in machine learning and computational protein design

Maintain a broad awareness of the developments in computational drug design

Work closely with Platform Development and Biology teams to integrate a tight design-build-test cycle leveraging FL83’s proprietary technology
Senior Scientist, In Vitro Biology
Flagship Labs 83, Inc.
Flagship Labs 83 is looking for a creative and motivated Scientist or Senior Scientist to build our Artificial BiologicsTM biology team. As part of the founding scientific team, this individual will be instrumental in building the biology platform, using in vitro studies to screen and characterize Artificial BiologicsTM libraries, with the aim to develop impactful new therapeutics. This individual will have experience in peptide and protein discovery ideally including both molecular and cellular biology. A successful candidate will be an excellent collaborator working closely with our Computational Protein Design, and Platform Development teams to implement and execute rapid design-build-test iteration cycles and optimized methods.

Key Responsibilities:

Design and execute hit-to-lead experiments for peptides, proteins, and biopolymer libraries (Artificial BiologicsTM)

Perform cellular/molecular biology techniques including immune, metabolic, enzymatic and signaling cell-based assays (eg. GPCR activation)

Perform medium and high throughput assays including ELISA, SPR, FP, TR-FRET, and biopanning (i.e. phage display)

Design, develop, optimize and execute in vitro assays such as Western blots, Coomassie blue staining, MSD, RT-PCR, qPCR, and flow cytometry


PhD or MS in cellular biology, molecular biology, immunology, neurobiology or related discipline, with 2-5+ years of industry research preferred

Driven to develop a transformative therapeutic discovery and target validation platform

Experience executing on various cell-based disease models across target disease areas

Demonstrated industry experience or academic achievement, as evidenced by publications in high impact journals and conference proceedings

Experience with receptor-ligand assays, signal transduction assays, and/or cytokine/chemokine/growth factor biology a plus
Senior Scientist, Proteomics
Flagship Labs 83, Inc.
Flagship Labs 83 is looking for a creative and motivated Scientist or Senior Scientist Proteomics to build our Artificial BiologicsTM Product Development team. As part of the founding scientific team, this individual will be instrumental in building the analytical platform, using novel analysis and sequencing strategies to characterize large and complex Artificial BiologicsTM libraries, with the aim to develop impactful new therapeutics. This individual will have experience applying state-of-the-art proteomics data acquisition and analysis methods, enabling large-scale mass spectrometry data analysis and computational workflow development. A successful candidate will be an excellent collaborator working closely with our Computational Protein Design, Chemistry, and Biology teams to implement and execute rapid design-build-test iteration cycles and optimized methods.


Develop and implement a novel analytical platform for discovery and characterization of peptides, proteins, and biopolymer libraries (Artificial BiologicsTM) using state-of-the-art proteomics and peptidomics approaches, from sample preparation, to acquisition and data analysis

Conduct DDA, DIA, and PRM/MRM/SRM based proteomics studies and establish automated sequencing workflows

Implement diverse enrichment and sample preparation protocols for untargeted or targeted proteomics studies from varied biological samples, including cultured cells, tissues, and biofluids

Analyze large proteomics datasets using commercial and/or open-source packages by processing, visualizing, and quantifying multidimensional (MSn) spectral data

Contribute to ongoing innovation within the company through the introduction of the most recent techniques and trends in proteomics and peptidomics

Collaborate with an entrepreneurial and interdisciplinary team to actively create, shape, and execute the vision of the company
Peptide and synthetic chemists openings
Eli Lilly
Protomer was acquired by Lilly in 2021, we are expanding the Lilly Protomer team in Los Angeles, looking for chemists and peptide chemists. Alborz Mahdavi the founder and CEO of Protomer is at this conference and can be reached at
Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Notre Dame
Open postdoctoral positions (2) in organic/peptidomimetic chemistry and the chemical biology of protein-protein interactions.
Postdoctoral scholar
Syracuse University
Development of catalytic amyloids in the Korendovych lab
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Principal Scientific Researcher
The position:
We are looking for a productive, creative and inquisitive researcher to join our highly collaborative macrocycle discovery group in the department of Peptide Therapeutics. This is a hands-on laboratory position. As a key member of macrocycle discovery group, the candidate will focus on discovery and characterization of macrocyclic peptides through mRNA display screening technologies, performing next generation sequencing, validation of synthetically made peptides and optimization of properties to evolve peptide hits for multiple therapeutic programs. This work will also include working with and developing new protocols for automating various aspects of the selection technology with state-of-the-art robotics. The position requires effective participation in multidisciplinary teams. The candidate will be expected to support both research and pipeline projects and present at the team meetings.
Qualified candidates will have a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Chemical Biology, Molecular Biology and Structural Biology or a related field with a strong record of publications in the related field. Hands-on experience with molecular biology and biochemistry techniques and biophysical assays (ELISA, PCR, SPR) is required. Experience in display screening technologies, such as phage, mRNA and yeast display, or high throughput screening is a plus. Experience with automated liquid handling and/or laboratory automation is not required upfront but will be required for this position. Effectively work both as a part of a collaboratively team and independent scientist, and excellent organizational and communication skills are also required.
Postdoctoral position
Khalifa University
Available postdoctoral position in a newly established lab starting October 2022.
If you’re up for the challenge, get in touch!
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Senior scientist
Merck & Co
We are currently seeking exceptional peptide chemists for positions within the Discovery Chemistry Department (Boston, MA and Kenilworth, NJ sites). The successful candidate will join multidisciplinary, highly collaborative discovery teams to invent novel medicines by applying innovative synthetic peptide chemistry, analytical techniques and data analysis to design and synthesize drug candidates and intermediates.

Specific responsibilities will include the following:

Act as a leader in the laboratory, executing on program and chemistry strategy 

Provide scientific mentoring and technical training of team members

Design, synthesize, purify and characterize peptide and macrocycle drug candidates and/or chemical probes in target identification, target validation, hit-to-lead and lead optimization projects

Help identify and validate new targets, which may include collaborative engagement with the external scientific community

Establish a substantial external scientific presence including authoring significant scientific publications and presentations

To accomplish the above, the successful candidate must have excellent interpersonal, collaboration and communication skills in addition to rigorous scientific thinking.

Education and Experience Requirements:

Ph.D. in Chemistry, Chemical Biology or Medicinal Chemistry
Experience in peptide or macrocycle synthesis is required, along with a proven track record of solving complex problems
Scientist, Peptide / Bioorganic Chemistry
Neurocrine Bioscience
We are looking for motivated, talented and accomplished peptide chemists. Join us in San Diego and join our growing team to discover new peptide-related drugs.

PhD in chemistry or related field required, 0-5 years industry experience.

Feel free to pass along your resume if interested and there may be time to meet at the conference.

Peptide Machine learning scientist
Novo Nordisk
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