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Postdoc in consciousness neuroscience
Queen Mary, University of London.
Applications are invited for a Wellcome Trust funded Postdoctoral Research Assistant based at the Department of Psychology, School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences (SBBS), Queen Mary University of London. The successful candidate will join the Consciousness and Cognition Lab, working directly for Dr Daniel Bor. The lab investigates the behavioural and neural features of consciousness and cognition during normal wakefulness, as well as different states of consciousness and its transitions, spanning normal and neurological populations, with a special clinical focus on ageing and dementia. The primary focus of the project will be the analysis of large-scale pre-existing brain-scanning datasets.
Postdoctoral researcher
University of California Irvine
UC Irvine Department of Cognitive Sciences
PI: Megan Peters

We are seeking a postdoc (2 years minimum, funding available for more contingent upon performance) to work on-site at UC Irvine in the Department of Cognitive Sciences on a neuroimaging, psychophysics, modeling, and machine learning project to arbitrate among competing higher order theories of consciousness.

A PhD is required by the start date.

Go here for details and applications links:
Full time lab manager - UC Irvine
University of California Irvine
UC Irvine Department of Cognitive Sciences
PI: Megan Peters

We are seeking a full time paid lab manager/research assistant to assist with ongoing research projects in the lab covering neuroimaging, psychophysics, and modeling projects. This person would assist with data collection and analysis as well as performing some administrative duties, and have the opportunity to have their own projects as well.

A bachelor's degree is required by the start date.
Start date Sept 1, 2023

Go here (see link) for more details and application links:
Postdoc computational modeling and intracranial EEG
We are seeking a postdoctoral candidate to investigate how perceptual consciousness unfolds over time with a focus on hallucinations. The work will consist of combining psychophysics with computational modeling and invasive electrophysiology in humans. The goal is to build evidence accumulation models that reproduce behavioral and neural correlates of perceptual consciousness beyond mere decision-making.
PI: Michael Pereira; more info in the job offer (link).
Phd on perceptual consciousness and hallucinations
We are seeking a candidate to start a 3 year PhD on the neural bases of hallucinations. The work will consist in developing experimental paradigms to generate false perceptions in healthy humans, then study the neural correlates of these false perceptions using (invasive) stereotactic electroencephalography (SEEG) and possibly single neuron recordings. 
PI: Michael Pereira; more info in the job offer (link).
Postdoc on Metacognition and Choice Awareness - Queen Mary University of London
Queen Mary, University of London
An ESRC funded Postdoctoral Research Assistant position will soon be available at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) in Dr Lucie Charles’ group to work on “Freedom of choice in decision-making: Introspecting the cause of our actions”.

The position is part of a large scale project investigating what people can introspect and understand of their own decision-making processes, with a focus on metacognition and choice awareness.

The post-holder will conduct research on decision-making and metacognition using online behavioural experiments, as well as EEG and fMRI to identify the core computational and neural processes underlying humans’ ability to reflect on one’s own decisions. A particular focus will be to understand how people introspect being influenced in their choice and resist such influence, as well as more generally how the brain represents the reasons for one’s actions.

The post-holder will be expected to contribute to experimental design, stimulus and experimental software generation, running experiments, analysing results and writing conference presentations and research papers.

Contact Dr Lucie Charles through the app during the conference or write to if you are interested.

Post Doc Infant cognition
The developmental Neuroimaging Laboratory (INSERM / CEA) at Neurospin, Saclay (91, France) is currently offering an 18-month position for a post-doc, research engineer, or statistician. The primary focus of this position is to develop robust methods for processing and analyzing infant brain signals measured by electroencephalography (EEG).

Although substantial knowledge on cognitive development has been accumulated in labs, the translation of this knowledge in the clinic remains limited during the first year of life due to the absence of validated cognitive protocols. The goal of this position is to develop these tools, including the selection of protocols, establishment of norms, and the creation of a pipeline that can be effectively implemented in a clinical setting to detect early cognitive deficits in high-risks infants.

We are seeking applicants with a strong technical background in signal processing and/or statistics, who are proficient in coding using Python. The successful candidate will be responsible for designing and implementing innovative methods to process and analyze infants' EEG data. This will involve collaborating closely with other researchers and clinicians, contributing to the advancement of cognitive research in early infancy.

This position is financed by a European contract (use of CDD) and is due to start on November 1, 2023 at the earliest. Salary will be determined according to the candidate's qualifications

To apply for this position, please send your CV and a motivation letter to We encourage interested candidates to visit our lab's website at for further information about our research and the work carried out at our institution.

Join our team at the developmental Neuroimaging lab and contribute to the advancement of cognitive research in early infancy.
Faculty of Science, university of Lisbon
Self consciousness in humans and artificial agents
Link: None
Postdoctoral Researcher for perception and imagination project
Northeastern University
Our lab will be recruiting a postdoc to work on an fMRI, psychophysics, modeling & machine learning project on consciousness. The main focus is on perception and imagination as a way of disentangling higher order theories of consciousness. Starting date around Jan 2024. Official ad coming soon. Please reach out if interested!
Postdoc in self consciousness in humans and artificial agents
University of Lisbon
DM for more info
Link: None
Postdoctoral Scholar in volition and consciousness
Brain Institute, Chapman University
The Brain Institute at Chapman University seeks a postdoctoral scholar to work joinly with Aaron Schurger and Uri Maoz on topics related to consciousness and volition.
PhD position in computational neuroscience and ultrasonic brain stimulation
University of Vienna
investigating the causal link between brain complexity measures and creativity reheated to Parkinson's disease. Deadline extended. For details:
From Inter-Brain Connectivity to Inter-Personal Psychiatry (2 years postdoc)
University of Montreal
The PPSP laboratory is looking for an enthusiastic postdoctoral fellow to contribute to the field
of social neuroscience, with a special emphasis on hyperscanning EEG. The chosen candidate will
join an interdisciplinary team operating at the intersection of basic, translational, and applied
science. They will be part of a two-year project scrutinizing inter-brain connectivity and
interpersonal communication during social interactions in both healthy and clinical populations.

Neuroscience and psychiatry have traditionally failed to incorporate interpersonal dynamics,
despite acknowledging the significance of social factors. This project aims to fill that gap. It
integrates a decade of social neuroscience research on inter-brain synchronization during social
interactions, applying both the methodological and theoretical knowledge gathered to clinical
contexts. The project will offer mechanistic insights into the biological mechanisms underlying
social interaction and develop new biomarkers based on inter-brain connectivity. These could be
particularly relevant for conditions such as autism, which are characterized by altered social
skills. The project will also explore potential treatments based on inter-brain neuromodulation. Overall, this research aims to set the stage for an interpersonal approach to psychiatry that
integrates neural, behavioral, and social scales.
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