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Machine Learning Engineer
BCG Gamma
BCG Gamma is seeking a Machine Learning Engineer to join our engineering team. The ideal candidate will have industry experience working on a range of different machine learning disciplines, e.g. anomaly detection, payment fraud, fraud detection, search ranking, text/sentiment classification, spam detection and others. The position will involve taking these skills and applying them to some of the most exciting and massive data and analytics problems across multiple industries. We are looking for machine learning engineers to join the ML effort for our teams, building ML-based systems, tools, and services that serve as infrastructure for our internal and external clients.


- Masters degree in computer science (or in a highly related area)
- 3 years of experience in algorithms, data structures, and object-oriented programming
- Good understanding of machine learning fundamentals and deep learning
Implementation experience in machine learning algorithms and applications
- Knowledge of or experience in building production quality and large scale deployment of applications related to natural language processing and machine learning
- Experience with distributed systems strongly preferred

PhDs, PostDocs, Research Scientists in Systems for Machine Learning
KAUST - King Abdullah Univ. of Science and Technology
Multiple PhD, PostDoc and Research Scientist positions available at KAUST, in the area of Systems for Machine Learning.
KAUST is a graduate-only university. We offer excellent research environment; state of the art facilities, including a supercomputer and large GPU clusters; and highly competitive salary and benefits.
If you are interested PM me to discuss at CIKM.

Panos Kalnis
Qatar Computing Research Institute
We are looking for a postdoc with expertise in computer vision, multimodal learning ( text and image processing), and system development to work with the social computing group at Qatar Computing Research Institute.

DM me if you’re interested. We can meet at CIKM.
Link: None
Research Scientists
Several openings. All areas relevant to CIKM (NLP, IR, Compkex Networks, DL/ML, ..). All levels. PhD required.

Publish your work and have a positive impact. we process over a billion events per day to find the most relevant one from public data sources. Dataminr has raised almist $600M from top investors. We recently announced a partnership with the UN and work on topics related to emergency response and saftety.
Engineering Manager, Data
About this role

Strava has a massive, rich, and rapidly growing data set from our athletes all over the world. Both our core business strategies and product vision are fueled by this data. We are looking for a data infrastructure engineer to help us unlock the potential of our dataset and scale our analytics capabilities. You will be responsible for building and maintaining infrastructure to enable the next generation of features and analysis.

We'd love to talk to you about the future of Strava’s Engineering and your role in it. Please take a look at the links below to learn about the exciting work we are doing.

The Engineering Blog covers a wide range of topics, from how we rebuilt our leaderboard systems to how we have refined our interview process.
Strava Labs shows off some of our R+D efforts, and gives a sense of the power and scale of Strava’s datasets.

Create vision and roadmap for data infrastructure for the company
Build self-service data tools to enable other teams to own their data
Work with partner teams (product engineering, analytics, machine learning) to maximize the value of our data
Cultivate a data-driven culture across the company.
Help build the team and mentor team members. Be responsible for team execution, development and performance.

B.S. in computer science, statistics, mathematics or equivalent experience
5+ years of professional experience working on data infrastructure. Prior management experience.
Experience with building scalable, fault-tolerant and low latency services
Experience with data stores, data warehousing, ETL, business intelligence, and streaming tools
Advanced SQL skills
Great communication/mentorship skills and partnership mindset
Able to work in a fast moving environment and eager to make an impact
PhD scholarship in Data Science
University of Queensland
We are seeking excellent candidates to start a PhD in Data Science at the University of Queensland in Australia. We can offer a full scholarship covering fees, living allowance, and health insurance costs.
Link: None
NLP Scientist in AI Lab
Key Responsibilities:
- Conduct cutting-edge research in artificial intelligence, especially in the fields of natural language processing and machine learning
- Ensure successful technology transfers to ByteDance products
Preferred Qualifications:
Here is what we would like to see in you:
- Ph.D. or master degree in relevant fields.
- Strong analytical skills, algorithmic and coding skills (such as C++, Java, Python, CUDA programming).
- Research experience in but not limited to the following:
- Machine learning: deep learning, large-scale optimization, probabilistic inference, reinforcement learning, etc.
- Syntactic and semantic parsing
- Text summarization
- Natural language generation
- Dialog system
- Question answering, machine comprehension
- Text classification
- Knowledge graph and information extraction
- Machine translation
Applied Machine Learning Engineer
Job Responsibilities:
1. Participate in the development of a large-scale recommendation system and machine learning platform;
2. Participate in the development and iteration of recommendation algorithms.

Job Requirements:
1. Solid programming skills, proficient in C/C++, good programming style and work habits;
2. Familiar with at least one mainstream deep learning programming framework (TensorFlow/Caffe/MXNet), familiar with its architecture and implementation mechanism;
3. Familiar with deep learning algorithms (CNN/RNN/LSTM, etc.);
4. Ability to solve problems independently, good sense of teamwork and communication skills;
5. Has experience with open sourced deep learning framework.
Preferred qualifications:
1. Familiar with the parallelization of Sparse LR, FFM, and deep models on large-scale data;
2. Experience in resource management and task scheduling with large scale distributed software (such as Spark and TensorFlow).
Recommendation Research Engineer
Job Responsibilities:
- Improve core recommendation algorithm;
- Conduct cutting-edge research in recommendation related problems, and apply the technology to different business scenarios.

Job Requirements:
- Master of C/C++; have solid programming skills, good programming styles and working habits;
- Familiar with at least one of the mainstream deep learning frameworks, like TensorFlow, Caffe or MXNet; familiar with their underlying frameworks and implementation mechanisms;
- Familiar with deep learning algorithms like CNN/RNN/LSTM/VAE;
- Able to solve problems independently, good teamwork and communication skills;

Preferred qualifications:
- Experience in contributing open sourced deep learning framework
- Familiar with the parallelization of sparse FTRL, FFM, and deep models on large-scale coefficient data
- Familiar with reinforcement learning;
- Experience in resource management and task scheduling with large distributed software like Spark and TensorFlow
Postdoc Fellow in IBS, Korea
Institute for Basic Science
The IBS Data Science Group in Daejeon, South Korea invites applications for postdoctoral research fellowship positions. The group is led by Prof. Meeyoung Cha (, and the group is formed with several postdocs and KAIST CS students. The candidate should have a Ph.D. by the start date and the expected start date can be negotiated.

We seek a talented researcher in a field of NLP and Data Mining with strong academic records (e.g., ACL, EMNLP, ICML, KDD, ICDM, CIKM, NeurIPS, etc), and we expect you to join some of our interesting computational social science projects, such as fake news detection, hate speech detection, fraud detection, exploration of echo-chambering in online news, etc.

The group is lively, international, and has many collaborators (Economists, Tax auditors, HCI, etc). The postdoctoral research fellow appointments are for 2 years with very competitive salary. For more information, you can refer to our previous job posting (

I am one of the postdocs in the group, DM me if you're interested. We can meet during the conference.
Dialog research intern@Baidu.Beijing
Location:Beijing, China

Description: We are looking for interns that are passionate about open domain conversation technologies. This role will be part of our team to contribute new models and benchmark datasets in the following areas: emotion aware companion dialog system, knowledge grounded dialog systems, and conversational recommendation systems, etc..  
Preferred qualifications:
 • Majoring in Computer Science or related field.
 • Excellent working knowledge on Linux, Python, or C++.
 • Research experience on NLP/HCI/data mining is a plus.
 • Ability to speak and write in Chinese, English.

If you are interested in this position, please send your resume to .
Software Engineer, Machine Learning In Ads
Job Description:
- The candidates will work on machine learning innovations to help make better predictions of ads on Bytedance products.
- Areas of projects include multitask learning, image/text recognition, user/ad modeling, conversion modeling, and modeling new optimization objectives.
Job Requirements:
- Experience in ads or neural networks, recommender systems, or large scaled machine learning systems preferred.
- Strong background in Machine Learning.
- Strong code capabilities, and solid data structure and algorithm skills.
- Familiar with Linux, proficient in C++ and Python.
- Knowledge of distributed systems a plus.
AIDU Program
We are looking for
● 2020, 2021, 2022 doctoral students and outstanding master students.
● Focus on deep learning/machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, knowledge graph, speech, big data/data science, autonomous driving/robotics, quantum computing and other fields.
● Having abundant project experience, published papers in top conferences and journals of computer science is a plus.
● Internship experience in Top AI Laboratory and Top Startup is preferred.
● Having won international AI competitions and ACM competitions are preferred.

You Will Get
● Treatment
Super-class salary!Priority in residency establishment!Company sponsored post doc program!
● Growth
Get 1V1 guidance from Baidu AI field Top 20 hotshot tutor group. Participate in professional trainings such as leadership and business thinking training programs. Gain priority to participate in academic Top conferences. Participate in AIDUer academic exchanges and project sharing regularly.
● Platform
The best research team, the most advanced research projects, the best AI landing scenes, massive real data, implement the research results in real business scenario.
Link: None
Full-time teacher recruitment
Huazhong University of Science and Technology
The “Yuyuan Computer Excellent PHD Forum” aims to provide an academic exchange platform for outstanding young scholars in the field of computer science at home and abroad.
The forum will organize theme reports, invitation reports and talent negotiation activities to discuss the frontier progress and academic hotspots of computer science, academic vision, promote technical cooperation and exchanges, and pay attention to the future development of young talents in the field of computer science.
At the same time, it also provides a bridge for young people who are interested in working and developing at the School of Computer Science and Technology of Huazhong University of Science and Technology.
Search Algorithm Engineer
Job Description:
- Developing the next-generation search engine of ByteDance with cutting-edge machine learning technology and massive data to provide our users with the best search experience.
- Participating the development of core search products such as Toutiao/Douyin/TikTok search, etc., serving hundreds of millions of global users.
- Improving core algorithm of search engine. The following areas may be included:
- NLP: Applying the most advanced NLP technology of the industry to the improvement of search experience, including error correction, word segmentation, query rewriting, term weight and intention recognition.
- Ranking: Solving the problem of ranking hundreds of billions of pages, advancing the SOTA of retrieval, relevance, intention understanding, authority and freshness for the search.
- Page analysis and summary: extracting the valuable information from hundreds of billions of web pages, such as structured fields, intelligent summary, core content, etc. to improve search experience.
- Link analysis: finding the valuable web pages from trillions of links, optimizing link quality, index quality, garbage detection, scheduling strategy, etc.

Job Requirements:
- Excellent problem analyzing and solving skills, which can always find the solution to the problem from the data.
- Excellent understanding of deep learning, NLP and data mining to model search problem well.
- Strong code capabilities, and solid data structure and algorithm skills.
- Familiar with Linux, proficient in C++ and Python.
- The experience of mainstream large-scale search engine development will be a plus.
- If you are extremely smart and always be able to become an expert in a whole new field in 7 days, you can ignore all of the above requirements!
Software Expert - Advertisement
1. Based on the mining of advertising and posterior data, optimize the advertising system and the bidding ecology.
2. Propose targeted advertising bidding, billing and traffic distribution strategies for different advertising locations to improve advertising liquidity efficiency
3. Diagnose of the existing delivery plan, delivery problems, forecast the flow, guide advertisers to launch and manage delivery function
4. Analyze the advertiser's retention, predicting the risk of loss, targeted optimization of advertiser retention, optimization of advertiser ROI.

Requirements :
1. Computer related major, high quality college bachelor degree or above background.
2. Have solid basic knowledge of algorithm and data structure, operating system, network programming with excellent programming and system design capabilities
3. Be familiar with data mining algorithm, optimize the existing system based on posterior data by means of regression, classification, prediction and other algorithm methods
4. Good at learning, active thinking, good logical thinking ability; Good personal expression and organizational communication skills, can promote things
5.Have in-depth understanding of advertising system and strategy, and have research and development experience of large-scale advertising system.
Software Engineer - Advertisement
1. Be responsible for the optimization of advertisement recall and bidding ranking mechanism, and balance the interests of user experience, platform revenue and advertisers.
2. Allocate budget, cost control, cold start, delivery speed to improve advertiser delivery experience.
3. User behavior and image modeling, text classification, keyword mining, lookalike and other technical research to increase the prediction ability of the advertising system
4. Use NLP, CV technology to continuously strengthen the understanding of copy, pictures, videos, and apply it to ctr, cvr, correlation model and delivery strategy to help advertisers improve delivery effect.
5. Improve the automation ability of advertising system with machine learning, reinforcement learning.

Requirements :
1. Strong coding ability, solid data structure and algorithm foundation, familiar with python/golang/C++/java development of linux platform.
2. Have a great interest in artificial intelligence products, be familiar with common machine learning principles, and have practical experience in NLP/CTR/CVRand other models is preferred.
3. Experience in calculating advertisement / search ranking/ recommendation system is preferred, and advertising product mechanisms such as ocpx/pacing/cold start is preferred.
4. Excellent ability to analyze and solve problems, maintain continuous learning and curiosity of new things, and be full of passion to solve challenging problems Experts in Advertising Algorithm Technology.
Software Engineer in Data Mining
1. Build user tag system based on massive data, and analyze media, traffic, advertising, and other data to improve liquidity efficiency.
2. Responsible for data analysis, mining, and model specific product. You will cooperate with PM, and continuously optimize data products based on data drive.
3. Build self-service label mining platform.

Requirements :
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, mathematics, communication, more than two years of data mining/NLP/machine learning project experience.
2. Be familiar with common data mining technology, machine learning algorithm, and its principle and application scope.
3. Continuous learning, maintaining follow-up of the latest research directions and achievements in the field of machine learning, and exploration of big data applications in various vertical fields.
4. In-depth research experience is preferred in the following areas :
- Analysis and mining of user behavior data and construction of user portraits;
- Data mining experience in vertical industries (financial credit investigation, games, tourism, real estate, etc.);
- Development and optimization of advertising and recommendation algorithms.
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