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Social Media Content Coordinator
SheRecovery (a division of Living on Purpose) is seeking a female social media content coordinator to oversee content creation, coordination, and moderation of all SheRecovery social media platforms. Our primary target audience are women facing pornography and other unwanted sexual behaviors and like-minded organizations and individuals. SheRecovery offers faith-based recovery resources such as virtual groups and our podcast. SheRecovery is also a major funnel into our counseling and coaching services at Living on Purpose. See our website linked here for further details pertaining to our mission and this position.
Paparazzi Jewelry Consultant
Divine Faith Jewelry $5 Bling
Home based business, small investment, 45% profit on all Jewelry and accessories. Flexible schedules, free website, training, recognition, support. Multiple ways to earn money
Virtual Therapist for support group
Seeking therapists with experience using Restorative Practices Circles/Conferences to facilitate support group of 10 victims of sexual offenses, Send resume to Robert
Volunteer Social Media Marketing and Campaign Assistant
We are looking for a someone who loves working in social media. They will be managing content, graphics, copy and scheduling on Liluye´s Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram pages. As this is an unpaid position, we are looking for someone who wishes to gain more experience in this area, but above all should be passionate about anti-trafficking/slavery, equality and preferably sustainability and fashion. Applicants should be organized, detail-oriented, flexible, friendly, disciplined, and have some experience in creating graphics and copy. Experience of using MailChimp, and knowledge of analytics, page management/engagement as well as some campaign experience is necessary. This is a home-based position so can be located anywhere globally. It is, however, imperative to have a reliable internet connection.
Private Sector Engagement Associate
About us: ECPAT-USA is the leading anti-child trafficking organization in the United States seeking to end the commercial, sexual exploitation of children through awareness, advocacy, policy, and legislation. ECPAT-USA is a member of ECPAT International, a network of organizations in more than 100 countries with one common mission: to eliminate the sexual exploitation of children around the world.

About the role: The Private Sector Engagement department ensures businesses and relevant stakeholders understand how human traffickers and child exploiters use business structures to exploit victims and identify, develop, and/or deploy tools and best practices to stop it. Under the supervision of the Director of PSE, the PSE Associate supports the organization’s private sector engagement efforts. The PSE Associate will assist in accountability and expansion of the private sector on education around human trafficking. The successful candidate will be proactive, enthusiastic and willing to learn on the job.
Board member
Libertas Home
Looking for people who are passionate about ending trafficking and child abuse!
Specifically a survivor leader, marketing expert experience , and development director experience, though those with different experiences are welcome to apply.

We are a faith based NPO in northern Virginia that will be the first safe home for minor female trafficking survivors there. We also provide community education and prevention programs. We are relatively new (founded last year and still working on getting funding for property).

Let me know if you’re interested in being on the board!
Part-time Trauma Therapist
Rest Stop Ministries
• Provide individual trauma-informed mental health counseling to each resident on a weekly basis.
o Create a safe, accepting environment to facilitate trust and healing.
o Establish a professionally sensitive and insightful relationship with all clients.
o Identify and evaluate resident needs and effectively communicate with clients in crisis.
o Teach effective, healthy coping skills as residents work toward restoration.
o Implement techniques and interventions that lead clients to work through trauma.
o Provide psychoeducation on trauma, substance abuse, trafficking, etc.
• Develop a therapeutic treatment plan for each resident.
• Provide referrals to other mental health providers/ medical care providers when necessary.
• Facilitate group therapy for all residents on a weekly basis.
• Teach psychoeducational classes on relevant topics and facilitate discussion.
• Respond appropriately to any crisis situation that may arise when on site.
• Complete all necessary documentation, such as intake information, treatment plans, progress notes, etc. in a timely manner.
• Participate in training and continuing education opportunities that will increase knowledge and skills.
• Participate in weekly team staff meetings to collaborate on effectively helping each resident.
• Facilitate occasional trainings for staff on relevant clinical issues / therapeutic interventions.
• Assist in admission process by conducting interviews with applicants and providing input to help with team decision making.
• Facilitate admission and routine clinical assessments to assist in program evaluation and application of grant funding.
• Provide individual counseling for Rest Stop Ministries graduates, upon transition from program.
• Assist in data analysis for grant applications and program evaluation.
• Adhere to agency policy, procedures and professional code of ethics.

Video Storyteller and Animator
National Center on Sexual Exploitation
[See full details and apply using the link.]

The Video Storyteller and Animator role assists the Vice President and Director of Communications as a part of the Communications Team at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. The perfect candidate for this role is a creative, adaptable, and self-motivated communicator who loves telling stories through video animation as much as they geek out over directing and shooting documentary-style short stories. This is the perfect role for you if you excel in a high-volume work environment and if you are passionate about the movement to end sexual exploitation. This unique position requires the skills and passion of a creative Unicorn as well as the grit and capacity of an unflappable Clydesdale.

[See full details and apply using the link]
Board Member
Liluye is a registered non-profit organization that was founded and registered in Spain in November 2020.

Our mission is to create exceptional, sustainable, ethnic, handmade accessories that will empower trafficked survivors globally to reintegrate back into society by teaching them a viable trade and providing them with good income. All products/processes will be sustainable, focusing on circularity. Liluye is committed to addressing SDGs 5 and 8.

Our goal is to elevate humanity by empowering as many trafficked warriors as possible through access to, or provision of a holistic reintegration program. We network with other anti-trafficking/Fairtrade organizations, educating consumers and visitors alike on trafficking, prevention, resources, ethical standards, sustainability and ways to get involved, with the intention of first reducing and then eradicating trafficking.

To view the entire listing:
HR Assistant for DA:NCE
DA:NCE(dance awareness: no child exploited)
We are looking for a volunteer that is self-motivated, flexible and organized with excellent administrative skills. In this role, the HR assistant will help schedule interviews, coordinate files and help maintain records within the partnerships department. The Partnerships department works with volunteers to help expand networking and fundraising opportunities within the organization, including volunteer growth and people mobilization. This volunteer role takes place remotely. Access to internet and technology will be needed to complete duties.

Desired commitment is 2 hours a week for 12 months minimum.

Extensive training will be provided.

Together we can help ensure that no child is exploited in dance.

If you are interested, please complete our volunteer form. Fill out the information on the volunteer dropdown at

*Volunteers will be required to submit a valid Criminal Records Check Results – vulnerable sectors, to start their volunteering experience
Institutional Analysis Project Coordinator
Mending the Sacred Hoop
The project coordinator will be responsible for conducting a comprehensive analysis of domestic violence cases within the city of Duluth, MN where Native American women are the victim/survivors. Using the Institutional Analysis (formerly the Safety Audit) process developed by Praxis International, the project will examine the deeper levels of systemic interaction and decision-making that happen on domestic violence cases in order to identify gaps in the response and make formal recommendations and solutions to fill those gaps. The Safety Audit process is an interdisciplinary self-assessment tool that conducted by a team of people within a
community. Most team members have experiences and connections to the focus of the audit.The entire process is focused on creating lasting institutional change to promote and enhance
victim safety and offender accountability.

Please see for the
complete cite and more details about IA projects.
Trades of Hope
Empower women globally by selling their handcrafted Fair Trade pieces
Volunteer Policy State Leader for 2022 SOCA legislation
Special Forces of Liberty and Nomoretears21:4
I am asking for Enthusiastic Individuals who wish to gain knowledge on what it takes to bring a grassroots campaign to a state by state level to a national level. It is time for all policy makers to listen to us as Survivors and Warriors and fix the Laws of our Country and States.

Last year Utah passed what was the original version and it was called The Human Trafficking and Child Prevention Act. It had some mishaps to it. Now it it PERFECTED for all remaining 48 states (- Nevada and Iowa). It will now be called the Save Our Children Act and is rewritten for every state.

I am asking for strong individuals who wish to step up and take the lead in their states to do these items:

1) Contact ALL of your Representatives and Senators and make sure they receive a copy of the legislation.
2) Build a grassroots campaign to support these efforts in your state.
3) Advocate and testify at your capital at hearing dates and also let me know when the hearing dates know so I can either be present as well and/or testify via Zoom.
4) Spread the awareness of our #ActionAlerts as they come out.
5) Any other items that may come up on the agenda.
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