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Scrum Master
Herrmann Ultraschall
Setting up the fireplace and beating the drums for our software development teams. Private owned and real world value streams stretching wide from milling to cloud services, from application engineering to service provide a unique context to setup and orchestrate excellent software development teams. We are big enough to play globally and small enough to create a cosy working culture. The extra challenge is how agile software release trains are coordinated with highly integrated stage/gate developed hardware systems.
Senior MIA Developer - Modular Industrial Automation
Herrmann Ultraschall
Lets create highly modular distributed control systems, lets introduce actor models and functional programming running on OSS into a domain traditionally ruled by ladder logic and global players providing proprietary vendor lock ecosystems around their PLC
Full Stack Senior Software Engineer
Timeline is a technology company that provides financial planning and portfolio management software for advisers. Our mission is to help millions of people fulfil their financial goals and retire with confidence. We manage over £2 billion of clients assets on behalf of financial advisers.

How we work
> We are a small and fast-moving team.
> Our technology team is 100% remote.
> We work asynchronously and in 4-week cycles.
> We value simplicity.
> We value code quality.
> We value experimenting with new features.

We have the following technology stack:

Elixir / Phoenix

Elm / JavaScript / HTML / CSS
We chose Elm for the front-end to have a reliable and maintainable code base with few bugs and no run-time errors. It has been a great experience so far :)

Calculations Engine:
ML/AI Engineer
35up GmbH
35up brings the power of smart recommendations to every online shop. Let's beat Amazon, one cross-selling item at a time ;)

Our stack is polyglot (Elixir, Python, Go, Rust, Node.js, and more), distributed, cloud-native and proudly covered by tests, head-to-tail. There's a lot of NLP going on, mostly on Python, but also looking into the emerging Elixir stack. LLMs and computer vision are also in our plans.

We are based in Berlin and have both in person and fully remote positions, unlimited work-from-home policy, annual budget for conferences, courses and home-office equipment, flexible working hours and trust-based unlimited vacations!

We are a nice team of smart, diverse and international people. English is the language spoken in our team (no German knowledge needed).

Let's talk!
Site Reliability Engineer
We are a company in the Fittech space with the focus to leverage technology on gyms on a daily basis.

We are using Erlang/Elixir in a very different way to build a complete and immersive workout experience for the users.

With Phoenix’s LiveView and Timescale DB, we are building a distributed solution for our gyms and processing a high load of data from different types of sensors and IoT devices in order to bring to an interactive experience in real time to the customers.

To handle such infrastructure, we are using Balena to deploy and control software for small computers (usually Raspberry Pi) to diferent gyms localities.
Team lead (Elixir/Phoenix + Vue)
hypcloud helps real estate developer to find financing. We provide them access to a wide network of lenders matching their project and need, and the collaboration and communication tools to allow them to manage all negotiations in one place.
Our backend is built with Elixir/Phoenix, our frontend is a Vue3 SPA with typescript.
We're a small tech team (5) looking for a fullstack engineer to lead and coordinate backend and frontend.
If that's something that could be interesting for you, please ping me!
Erlang Developer
You will become part of our development team adding value to our hosted RabbitMQ product in automation, monitoring, error recovery. You will also work closely with the support team helping in more involved investigations. See more details on the linked page.
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