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Fisheries Technician
Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Assist aquatic biologists with standardized sampling of ponds, lakes, reservoirs, streams, and rivers. Aquatic inventory will include sampling fish populations, creating habitat structures and monitoring their effectiveness, maintaining equipment and facilities, performing data entry and analysis, assisting in conducting a creel survey, and participating in chemical reclamation projects. Work will require employees to carry a backpack electrofishing unit, operate four-wheel drive vehicles and trailers, operate boats, and wade in streams and rivers while sampling. Technicians must be willing to participate in weekly travel and work in adverse weather conditions during long and irregular hours. Late-night and weekend work is sometimes required.
Starts May 8, 2023 and starting salary is $17.55/hr.
Fisheries Technician
WY Coop. Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
Duration: June 1st - End of September (flexible)
Pay: $19/hr

The Walters Lab at the University of Wyoming and Wyoming Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit is seeking applications for 2 seasonal positions to aid in collecting field data on Wyoming prairie streams. Technicians will aid a graduate student in research focused on understanding the sensitivity of prairie fish to stream intermittency. This field work will focus on understanding the presence of drought refuges on the landscape and how different fish species utilize them to survive periods of stream drying. Field work will include sampling streams via seine and collecting habitat data at the location. Other duties will include data entry and gear maintenance.

Field work will be based out of Laramie, WY with up to weeklong trips to other locations in Wyoming. Housing in Laramie is not provided. Trips elsewhere will include a mix of camping and housing accommodations.

Applicants must be willing to be flexible as the work requires long days, variable schedule, and travel to field sites. The crew will be working closely, so the ability to maintain a positive attitude, be respectful, and get along with others is a must!

Required Qualifications
- Valid US driver’s license
- Completion of or working towards a degree in wildlife science, natural resources, ecology, or a related field
- Interest in fisheries science
- Physically fit
o Comfortable wading in slippery streams
o Able to hike while carrying equipment
- Comfortable in inclement environmental conditions (i.e., heat, rain, bugs)
- Comfortable camping for up to a week at a time
- Attention to detail, ability to follow protocol and accurately record data
- Ability to maintain a positive attitude while working long days under challenging conditions

Desired Qualifications
- Previous field experience
- Experience working with/identifying prairie fish species

Email if interested!
CPW Fisheries Technician SW Colorado
Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Position will assist the area Fisheries Biologist and Regional Species Conservation Aquatic Biologist with conducting fish and amphibian population surveys on lakes, streams and rivers using electrofishing gear, gillnets, and other specialized equipment. Work will include assisting with processing of aquatic wildlife, recording of data on sampling sheets, care and maintenance of equipment, driving trucks with boat trailers attached, interacting with the public, and other duties as assigned. Work will include assisting with kokanee spawn collection activities, monitoring of Colorado River and Rio Grande River native fish and amphibian species, cold-water sportfish inventory work, and chemical reclamation projects to restore native Cutthroat Trout to suitable habitats. Employees will be expected to work long hours in adverse conditions, to work out of and operate boats and wade in streams. Backcountry work is involved, requiring hiking and some camping. Position will assist with projects in the upper Gunnison Basin and throughout Southwest Colorado.
Creel Clerk Lake San Cristobal (Gunnison/Lake City)
Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Employee will have the primary responsibility of collecting fisherman use and catch information on the Lake San Cristobal, near Lake City, Colorado. This work includes counting fishermen, conducting fishermen interviews, and identifying and measuring fish. Experience with coldwater fish identification is helpful. Work will also include assisting with sampling of aquatic wildlife, recording data on sampling sheets and entering data into computer databases. Work schedule includes Saturday, Sunday and two varying weekdays. Position dates July 1-August 31, although end dates are negotiable depending on school schedule.
Aquatics Technician
Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Successful applicant will work as a member of a fisheries inventory crew to
collect data in eastern and central Colorado. Work includes the collection of biological, chemical, and
habitat data in streams and lakes to be used for fisheries management purposes. A large part of the
job involves capturing fish using electrofishing, gill netting, and trap netting and quantifying fisheries
data by taking and recording physical and chemical measurements. Other responsibilities may
include interaction with the public, assisting with angler education clinics, assisting with amphibian
and terrestrial wildlife surveys, habitat improvement projects, data entry, fish stocking, gear
maintenance, cleaning of facilities, cleaning equipment and other duties, as assigned. Applicant will
work on conservation projects for native cutthroat trout and plains fishes in addition to recreational
sportfish management. The position requires working in physically demanding situations often
involving long and irregular hours in hazardous, variable, and frequently hot or inclement outdoor
conditions. Some camping and overnight travel will be required.
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Preference will be given to candidates with a college degree and / or
coursework in fisheries, wildlife, natural resources, or other biological sciences. Experience in fish
identification, fish management and sampling techniques preferred but not required. The willingness
and ability to learn is essential, along with a good attitude and work ethic. The ability to get along with
other members of a field crew is also important. Experience with Microsoft Word, Excel and Access,
and GPS handheld units is helpful. Successful candidate must be able to lift and carry60 lbs for a
short distance, lift and carry 30 lbs for up to 3 miles and carry 20 lbs for 11 miles. Successful
candidate must be available to work full-time until the position end date.
Fisheries Biologist
Wyoming Game and Fish Department
The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is seeking to hire a contract Fisheries Biologist to coordinate and implement a project surveying Colorado River Cutthroat Trout populations in southwest Wyoming over two field seasons. The biologist will be responsible for planning and implementing the project, supervising technicians, analyzing data, and writing a final report. This is a contract position funded from July 5, 2023, to February 28, 2025. This field position will require the operation of trucks, trailers, ATVs, and electrofishing equipment in rivers and streams. This position will be based out of Green River, Wyoming.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: The listed functions are illustrative only and are not intended to describe every function which may be performed at the job level.

Work with public and private landowners and represent the WGFD in a professional manner.
Collaborate with other biologists to complete a rigorous sampling schedule.
Lead up to 4 technicians to sample fish with electrofishing gears.
Operate trucks, trailers, and ATVs to access remote locations.
Compile, enter, and analyze data and produce a final report.
Make purchases for the project, file appropriate paperwork, and manage the project budget.
Native Aquatic Species Technician
Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Assist native aquatic species biologist in a variety of projects. Work emphasis will focus on amphibian conservation and eastern plains native fish inventory, including state threatened and endangered species within the Arkansas River basin. Primary work will include fish surveys, amphibian surveys, and collecting habitat and water quality data. Sample methods will include electrofishing and seining, amphibian VES surveys (primarily Boreal Toad and Northern Leopard Frog), as well as eDNA collection. Additional duties as assigned would include, but are not limited to: general shop work, river reclamations, data entry and analysis, as well as the opportunity for other recreational fishery sampling and related work with sportfish biologists. Work will require employees to carry heavy loads in mountainous terrain, extensive hiking in high elevation environments, operate four-wheel drive vehicles, and wade in wetlands, streams and rivers while sampling. Backpacking experience is preferable. Employees should expect to work in adverse and physically demanding conditions during long and irregular hours. Employees will frequently be out of town during the work week and overnight travel during these periods will be required. Meals and overnight lodging or camping facilities will be provided during these periods.
Fisheries Technician
Larval Fish Laboratory
• Conduct field research and sampling aimed at community assessment and conservation of native fishes, including federally-listed Colorado Pikeminnow, Humpback Chub and Bonytail, as well as Roundtail Chub, Speckled Dace, and Flannelmouth and Bluehead suckers, in streams of the upper Colorado River Basin, Colorado and Utah
• Sample in the Green and Yampa rivers using nets, seines, and electrofishing to remove invasive Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, and other nonnative species
• Drift-net sampling of larvae to measure reproductive success of Colorado Pikeminnow in Dinosaur National Monument
• Sort samples and identify fish of all life stages
• Tag fish and collect data PIT tags and detectors and data loggers
• Assist other federal and state agency collaborators with field work

Required Qualifications
• Strong work ethic and self-motivation
• Willingness to work long hours in a team setting under difficult conditions (mud, heat, bugs, and unpredictable weather)
• Willingness to travel to remote locations in western Colorado and Utah
o Up to 10 days on, 4-6 days off, both primitive camping and cabins, 80 or more hrs per shift, includes holidays and weekends
• Excellent note-taking and field data recording skills
• Ability to work without supervision, make decisions, and troubleshoot in the field
• Ability to lift and carry heavy loads (40 lbs) and hike daily over rough terrain
• Good swimming and wading ability
• Valid driver’s license
• Ability to pass CSU background check
• Flexibility with scheduling

Preferred Qualifications
• Previous fish biology or field biology experience
• Experience identifying fishes of Colorado, especially in the Colorado River Basin
• Experience working from hard-bottom boats and rafts in rivers
• Ability to operate 4wd trucks

Start Date: 20 March 2023 End Date: September 2023
Salary: $15.00-17.00 +/hour depending on experience; per diem and field accommodations provided

Email Ed Kluender
Biologist Technician, Fisheries
Wyoming Game and Fish Department
The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is seeking to hire three (3) Biologist Technicians - Fisheries. These seasonal positions will assist fisheries management crews with all aspects of aquatic resource management activities. Current position openings are based in Cody and Lander but this recruitment may be used to fill future vacancies statewide.

The duration of these positions ranges from 5 to 6 months. Positions start in mid-May or early June and conclude at the end of September or October. Applicants unable to work through the end of September should not apply.
Fisheries Biologist-Instream Flow-Cheyenne
Wyoming Game and Fish Department
Please click on link if interested.
Fisheries Field Tech
Position will assist the area Fisheries Biologist with conducting fish population surveys on lakes, streams and rivers of Grand and Summit Counties using electrofishing gear, gillnets, and other specialized equipment. Work will also include assisting with processing of aquatic wildlife, recording of data on sampling sheets, care and maintenance of equipment, driving trucks with boat trailers attached, interacting with the public, and other duties as assigned. Will also assist with kokanee spawn collection activities at Wolford and Granby reservoirs. Employees will be expected to work long hours in adverse conditions, to work out of and operate boats and wade in streams. Self-starters with the ability to work independently without constant direct supervision are desired. Backcountry work is involved, requiring hiking and some camping. Housing may be available upon further inquiry.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Candidates must be able to swim, lift heavy loads, and must possess a driver’s license. Experience related to fisheries or wildlife biology, boat handling and maintenance, shop and mechanical skills, river rafting, and the use of computer programs such as Excel, Word and Access will be considered when selecting employees. College degree in a related field is preferred but not required.
Aquatic Technician
CO Parks & Wildlife
GENERAL INFO Assist aquatic biologist with surveys of stream, high elevation lake, reservoir, and river fish resources. Duties include surveying using backpack, bank, and boat electrofishers; gill nets, seines; and water quality sampling. Projects include fish population surveys, chemical reclamation, spawning operations, equipment and facilities maintenance, and data entry and analysis. Technicians will also help conduct creel surveys of local anglers. Backcountry trips include hiking, ATVs, backpacking, and camping. Employees work long hours in adverse conditions, handle ambiguity, drive trucks with trailers, operate boats and rafts, and wade in streams and rivers. Work requires overnight travel and irregular work hours.

REQUIRED A degree or college-level coursework in fisheries, wildlife, or related field; and outdoor/backcountry travel experience, a valid diver’s license, the ability to swim, and the ability to participate in strenuous physical activities including long-distance travel on foot carrying equipment and personal gear and heavy lifting. Experience using fish sampling techniques is preferred. Successful candidates are hard-working with a positive attitude and enjoy the outdoors and the outdoor work environment, including tolerance of inclement weather conditions. Needed are good organizational and communication skills, and ability to work well independently and as part of a team. Knowledge of computer programs such as Microsoft Word, and Excel is necessary and GIS is beneficial. Additional favorable skills: training or educational background in field biology and/or natural resource management, fish identification, some level of first aid and/or rescue certification, raft or motor boat handling skills, ATV or off-road experience, and mechanical aptitude.

APPLY Email Resume, three (3) References, and Cover Letter to Kendall Bakich at and include “Glenwood Aquatic Technician” in the Subject Line.
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CO Parks & Wildlife
Many temporary and internship opportunities and all available permanent employment opportunities are posted on the State's Career Website. For more information and to sign up for Job Alert emails visit CPW's Jobs Webpage:
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