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NIST NRC Post-Doctoral Fellow
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Post-doctoral fellowship on addressing analytical challenges in characterizing cells pre-freeze and post thaw for cell based therapies. (Evaluating cell health for cell therapy products)
ICYR Career Board
Society for cryobiology
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Post doctoral associate
University of Minnesota
Postdoctoral position in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minnesota under Prof. Allison Hubel.

We are looking for a highly motivated, independent, and career-oriented research individual with a Ph.D. in Chemistry, Biomedical, Chemical or Mechanical Engineering, or cell biology with relevant skills. Experience with cell culture is required. Experience with spectroscopy, cryopreservation of cells and tissues is preferred.

Research interests: (1) Identification and characterization of naturally occurring deep eutectic systems for preservation and other applications; (2) low temperature spectroscopy to characterize transport in cells and mechanisms of damage during freezing; (3) development of DMSO-free methods of preserving cells and tissues used therapeutically using naturally- occurring molecules; and (4) contrasting freezing behavior of isolated cells, cells cultured in aggregates as well as cells embedded in a matrix.

Recent publications:,,
DOI: 10.1007/978-1-0716-0783-1_14,

We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package. The position is available with Federal funding (NSF and NIH) for immediate occupancy for a 1-2 year appointment, contingent on background experience and performance. The link for external candidates can be found here.
Internal candidates should apply here. Alternatively, candidates can go to and use job code 353950.

Post-Doctoral Associate - Department of Surgery (Transplant Division)
University of Minnesota (Finger and Bischof Labs)
Transplantation, regenerative medicine, and cell-based therapies are rapidly developing areas of research that offer great potential for improving human health. However, one of the greatest barriers to translation is the inability to apply these therapies when and where they are needed. The objective of our research is to develop methodologies for cryopreservation, or “banking,” of cells and tissues for transplantation and regenerative medicine. The labs of University of Minnesota (UMN) Professors Erik Finger (Surgery) and John Bischof (Mechanical Engineering) through the UMN Organ and Tissue Preservation Center and NSF Engineering Research Center (ERC) for Advanced Technologies for the Preservation of Biological Systems (ATP-Bio), are looking for a motivated surgical postdoc to contribute towards making this a reality.

In recent publications, we have shown the ability to cryopreserve kidneys for up to 100 days while preserving full organ function in a transplant model (Han and Rao et al., Nature Communication 2023). We have also shown the ability to cryopreserve pancreatic islets for 9 months and use them to cure diabetes (Zhan and Rao et al., Nature Medicine, 2022). Our technology platforms enable cryopreservation and rewarming of cells, tissues, and organs of differing sizes and geometries. We plan to continue developing these approaches for clinical translation over the next several years through grant support from three NIH R01s, the NSF ERC ATP-Bio, and additional foundation awards. Areas of interest include kidneys; livers and hepatic cells and tissues; pancreatic islets; reproductive organs; hearts and cardiac systems; and many other developing cryopreservation applications. This highly collaborative and multidisciplinary effort provides extensive training, networking, and mentorship opportunities for clinical, tenure, or industry-track careers.
CDC Biorepository Fellowship
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Under the CBR’s Strategic Plan, it is the goal to expand access by preserving sample quality and enhancing collection and data standards. In order to accomplish this goal, the selected participant will join the CBR Team, under the guidance of a mentor. Opportunities include applying their scientific and technical knowledge to the field of biorepository science by:
Examining biorepository standards and best practices, biobanking accreditation standards, and CDC and CBR collection management policies, procedures, and processes and how these apply in a federal environment.
Understanding and participating in effective stewardship of sample collections created by CDC programs activities that are fundamental to public health, surveillance, research, and outbreak response.
Participating in the development of solutions for informatics protocols for analysis of CBR data to be used for effective metrics and tracking, performance indicators, communications, and reporting.
Utilizing computer and appropriate software to collect, handle, and analyze CBR data.
Maintaining detailed records of all fellowship activities.
Learning Objectives:
Evaluate and improve existing informatics pipelines used for CBR data
Develop workflows, processes, and procedures for CBR informatics and data related practices
Develop and complete specific biorepository projects relating to quality, collection management, and informatics and data management
Knowledge and awareness of the basic principles and concepts of biorepository science and informatics
Hands-on experience in sample disposition and management
Problem-solving skills, including the ability to develop new and improved biorepository methods
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