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HPC Engineer, User Assistance
See link.
HPC Infrastructure Architect
General Electric - Research
We are looking for an infrastructure architect with experience.
Computational Science position at LLNL, supporting El Capitan
AMD Research
Join AMD as we prepare applications for exascale!

We are building an elite team at AMD specialized in computational science and application performance. This is an exciting opportunity to be a key person in AMD's growing HPC presence. Help us define the future of HPC, and support important scientific discovery.
Group Leader for Programming Systems at ORNL
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
We are seeking a senior computer scientist to lead a world-class research group in the area of Programming Systems for the ORNL and DOE mission. Responsibilities include group leadership, research and project management.

The Programming Systems Group explores programming models, languages, compilers, runtime systems, task-based programming systems, and software development tools that impact fundamental changes in computing technologies and systems.

The position will be in the Advanced Computing Systems Section within the Computer Science and Mathematics (CSM) Division. CSM delivers fundamental and applied research capabilities in a wide range of areas, including applied mathematics and computer science, experimental computing systems, scalable algorithms and systems, artificial intelligence and machine learning, data management, workflow systems, analysis and visualization technologies, programming systems and environments, and system science and engineering.
Performance Engr. (Exascale) Frontier / El Capitan Center of Excellence
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
The Centers of Excellence for Frontier and El Capitan are recruiting for a talented GPU & HPC application performance aficionado to work with application teams and the user community over the next several years to maximize scientific achievements and performance on these exascale systems.
Computational Accelerator Physicist Postdoc
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s (LBNL) Accelerator Tech-Applied Physics (ATAP) Division has an opening for a Computational Accelerator Physicist Postdoc to join the team.

In this exciting role, you will participate in the advancement of the theoretical and computational beam, accelerator, and plasma physics through one or more of the various activities that occur in the program. These include the development of novel or improved theoretical models, the development, analysis and implementation of novel algorithms, the development and maintenance of state-of-the-art simulation codes, the application of the codes to the modeling of beams, particle accelerators, light sources, plasma devices, and other synergistic problems, the use of machine learning to speed up time to the solution during simulations and particle accelerator optimizations, and the exploration of new computing paradigms such as quantum computing.
Deputy Group Leader: Applied Computer Science Group
Los Alamos National Laboratory
The Deputy Group Leader of the Applied Computer Science Group (CCS-7) is a member of the Computer, Computational, and Statistical Sciences (CCS) Division’s leadership team, and supports the CCS-7 Group Leader in providing technical leadership and management to the group.
HPC Architecture and Performance Engineer
Berkeley Lab’s Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) has a new exciting opening for a HPC Architecture and Performance Engineer. This position will contribute to an ongoing ATG group effort to develop a complete understanding of the issues that lead to improved application and computer system performance on extreme-scale advanced architectures. As a team member, you will contribute to efforts for National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) in evaluating existing and emerging High Performance Computing (HPC) systems by analyzing the performance characteristics of leading-edge Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science application codes. This position requires knowledge of computer architecture & technology trends and the ability to determine their implications for NERSC users.
Linux Systems Administrator / Dev Ops Engineer
NERSC, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Berkeley Lab’s National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) is seeking a versatile Linux Systems Administrator and DevOps Engineer to help build and manage our Linux systems infrastructure.

NERSC operates some of the world’s largest supercomputers and storage systems to solve society’s most challenging computational problems. Scientists worldwide conduct their projects here with sponsorship from the Department of Energy’s Office of Science. In this position, you’ll help build and manage systems that complement the supercomputing environment: web services, databases, container and virtual machine platforms, high-performance storage, authentication, identity and access management, and others.

This is a great opportunity to learn about computational science and contribute meaningfully to real research projects and discoveries while putting your sysadmin and devops skills to use. No science background is necessary. You’ll join a group of systems and software engineers who manage services coupled to the supercomputing environment and will work closely with many others throughout the organization on a variety of projects.

If you are interested in science, have experience in managing systems, and would enjoy working in a creative environment with a bright and diverse group of colleagues (not to mention a beautiful view from our building in the Berkeley Hills), we want to hear from you!
Finite Element Code Development Engineer
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
Code and methods development primarily in C++ and Solid Mechanics with focus on capabilities for tire performance prediction.
Section Head, Science Engagement
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Requisition Id 4724

We are seeking a Section Head for Scientific Engagement in the National Center for Computational Sciences (NCCS). NCCS Provides state-of-the-art computational and data science infrastructure coupled with dedicated technical and scientific professionals. NCCS hosts the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF), one of DOE’s National User Facilities. Members of the Scientifc Engagement Section partner with OLCF users to tackle large-scale computational problems across a broad range of scientific domains for accelerating scientific discovery and engineering advances.

The Section Head leads the four groups listed below within the Scientific Engagement Section:

Advanced Computing for Chemistry and Materials Group— Partners with HPC and data analytics users in the chemical and materials sciences

Advanced Computing for Nuclear, Particle, and Astrophysics Group — Partners with HPC and data analytics users in nuclear physics (nuclear structure and quantum chromodynamics), particle physics (high energy physics) and astrophysics (stellar evolution and cosmology)

Advanced Computing for Life Sciences and Engineering Group — Partners with HPC and data analytics users in climate science, geophysics, biology, biomedical sciences, and engineering

Algorithms and Performance Analysis Group — Partners with HPC and data analytics users on algorithmic and performance improvements and characterize application performance and application requirements

Members of the Scientifc Engagement Section liaise with and represent users and user applications within NCCS, carry out independent research, and provide broad expertise, technical input and service within the division to assist in strategic decision making, future system and infrastructure development, procurement and deployment, and to further the mission of NCCS and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
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