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Postdoc in the Conduit Lab, IJM, Paris
Institut Jacques Monod
Looking for an enthusiastic Biochemist/Cell Biologist to continue our work regarding how microtubule nucleation is regulated. Will involve protein and gTuRC purification, binding assays and single molecule TIRF imaging. Ideally suited for someone just finishing their PhD. Feel free to email me to discuss.
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Postdoc in Holland Lab, Maryland, United States
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
A post-doctoral position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Andrew Holland, located at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland. The Holland laboratory is studying the molecular mechanisms that control accurate chromosome distribution and the role that mitotic errors play in human health and disease. Our work utilizes a combination of chemical biology, biochemistry, cell biology and genetically engineered mice to study pathways involved in mitosis and their effect on cell and organism physiology. Please contact Andrew if you are interested in learning more (
PhD position in Dammermann Lab, Vienna, Austria
Max Perutz Labs, Vienna Biocenter
A PhD position is available in the laboratory of Alex Dammermann, located at the Max Perutz Labs on the campus of the Vienna Biocenter in Vienna, Austria. The Dammermann lab is interested in the mechanisms underlying centrosome and cilium biogenesis, which we are studying using a combination of biochemical, cell biological and biophysical approaches in the nematode C. elegans, the fruit fly D. melanogaster and vertebrate cultured cells. For more details feel free to contact Alex by email at the address above. Please note that applications must be received via the Vienna Biocenter PhD program by October 15 (
Posdoc and PhD positions in the Pereira Lab, Heidelberg, Germany
University of Heidelberg
One postdoc and one Ph.D. position are available at the Pereira lab, Heidelberg University, Germany. Projects aim to investigate novel players that regulate cilia biogenesis and cilia length in mammalian 2D and 3D cultures. The methodology involves a combination of biochemistry, microscopy, genome editing and cell biology. Feel free to contact Gislene Pereira ( for more detail.
Postdoctoral position
A funded postdoctoral position is available in Loncarek lab.
A candidate will investigate molecular mechanisms that control centriole biogenesis, centriole reduplication processes, and will dissect centriole and centrosome architecture in nanoscale resolution.
We combine biochemistry, genetics, and a variety of microscopy approaches such as live-cell and super resolution microscopy (SIM, STED, STORM), expansion microscopy, and transmission electron microscopy.
NIH offers excellent salary and health package to its trainees.

To apply: Please send your CV, Cover letter and three references to Please write ‘Postdoctoral application’ in the subject heading.

Post-doctoral position
Centriole duplication
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